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units and in-house preventive maintenance programs. Increased budget restrictions have required careful scrutiny and/or cancellation of expensive maintenance contracts. ESUs are now sent for repair only after a fault or defect has been confirmed. Designed with these practices in mind, Fluke Biomedical developed the Ansur-automate a troubleshooting checklist for common problems and their solution a maintenance checklist for daily and weekly tasks The checklists are on separate pages so they can be copied and laminated for display near the equipment. The choice of which equipment to include was guided by the 2010 revision of the Indian Public Health Standards The tasks are limited to simple first-line maintenance, that is: tasks that can be done by the user of the equipment tasks that take place at the point of equipment use tasks that do not require the opening of the main body of the equipment This manual is not intended as a complete maintenance guide that is the role of a biomedical technician

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  1. e the optimal method for a cost of fectiu* maag =ysteMn'ft to be used In deciding whether individual medical equipment items are to be contrftted out for maintenance and repair, or serviced by in house Biomedical Equipment Technicians
  2. Module 5: Routine/Preventative Maintenance of Equipment 14 Applied Log Example Reflotron Plus Maintenance and QC Log Month March Optic Check Precinorm U Bilirubin Test Strips Creatinine Test Strips Year 20XX lot number 1234 lot number A231 lot number B32 lot number exp date 15/1/20XX exp date 15/4/20XX exp date 5/30/20XX exp date Date Initials Clea
  3. Biomedical Equipment 2.1 Conduct scheduled preventive maintenance 2.2 Order parts and supplies 2.3 Respond to device alerts and recalls 2.4 Conduct rounds 3. Repair Installed Biomedical Equipment 3.1 Respond to device failures reported by users 3.2 Diagnose equipment malfunctions 3.3 Order parts and supplies 3.4 Repair faults an
  4. Biomedical Equipment 2.1 Conduct scheduled preventive maintenance 2.2 Order parts and supplies 2.3 Respond to device alerts and recalls 2.4 Conduct rounds 3. Repair Installed Biomedical Equipment 3.1 Respond to device failures reported by users 3.2 Diagnose equipment malfunctions 3.3 Order parts and supplies 3.4 Repair faults and calibrate.

Preventive maintenance: Procedures that reduce the likelihood of equipment failure and extend the life of equipment (for example, calibration, part replacement, lubrication or cleaning). Preventive maintenance activities are conducted in a systematic manner before equipment failure - based on a schedule set by time, distance or cycles of. Here's a General PMP* that I wrote for a Saudi MOH equipment maintenance project twenty years ago:-1) Check equipment and all accessories for physical integrity and completeness. 2) Check physical condition of mains cable and plug. 3) Check physical integrity of all controls and switches. 4) Carry out scheduled servicing. * Preventive Maintenance Parts Kit Part Number 2008 - All BMD Blenders Included in the kits are the following parts: Filters, O-rings, check valve ball, balancing chamber balls, duck bill check valves, bleed muffler and retainer, diaphragms, spring, label. This kit is subject to change without notice. 4. TOOL inspection and preventive maintenance = 2 and design and implementation = 3. Conclusions: Developing an assessment checklist for MEMM provide a comprehen‑ sive framework for the proper implementation of accurate assessment of medical equipment maintenance. This checklist can be used to improve the protability o

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Keeping Medical device safe and effective will require planned preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance services carried out by competent people. 3. MISSION OF THE POLICY To maintain all medical equipments to the appropriate standards as prescribed by equipment manufacturer, so as to ensure that all medical equipments to be used t The maintenance interval may be based on time (e.g. every 12 months) or operational usage (e.g. every 1,000 hours). Preventive maintenance is designed to ensure continuous operation of equipment. Preventive maintenance tasks may include replacing parts, lubricating, and adjust-ing. Preventive maintenance excludes task literature or Preventive Maintenance Checklist (PMCL) for the washer one time annually and for the sterilizer four (4) times annually, on a quarterly basis. The contractor shall clean the boiler at a minimum once per year. Scheduled inspections will include, but not be limited to: cleaning some kind of engineering task (installation, preventative maintenance, or repair). The appliance may also be referred to as a device under test (DUT). Checklist A checklist is a general purpose test element used to create checklists in Ansur test templates. The checklist is a part of the visual Plug-In

1.5 Definition of Medical Equipment Maintenance Medical equipment maintenance a set of activities refers to conducted on a edical equipment to keep it in optimum m working. It is divided into two major categories namely: • Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) This refers to regular safety and performance inspectio Blank 1: If you treat your biomedical waste by steam autoclave, enter where you keep the written operating procedure for use of the autoclave. Otherwise enter N/A. Blank 2: If you treat your biomedical waste by steam autoclave, enter where you keep your records of the autoclave preventive maintenance service. Otherwise enter N/A Preventive Maintenance Checklist A-1 Calibration Certification Form B-1 Technical Bulletins C-1. INTRODUCTION iii INTRODUCTION CAREFULLY READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE SERVICING YOUR INSTRUMENT. INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC customer initial product acceptance or during preventive maintenance checks. This servicing document describes the inspection tests you will perform to determine if the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator is operating within required specifications. The . PIP Checklist. is provided as an optional tool for recording test results for the medical equipment with the maintenance schedule. Findings of this study stated that, around 50% of this medical equipment were underutilized. Only four equipment had preventive maintenance schedule under which services usually provided every 4 months. Most of the equipment did not have any maintenance contract

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Keeping Medical device safe and effective will require planned preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance services carried out by competent people. 3. MISSION OF THE POLICY To maintain all medical equipments to the appropriate standards as prescribed by equipment manufacturer, so as to ensure that all medical equipments to be used t Abstract: This document details the preventive maintenance inspection and maintenance intervals and other criteria used to generate the 2015-16 - 2019-20 Maintenance Work Plans and Budget. Keywords: Preventive, Maintenance, Programs, Annual, Asset Management, Network, Standard

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  1. 23. General System Maintenance and Storage 82 24. Battery Use, Maintenance and Storage 84 24.1 Routine Infection Control use in med/surg and ED areas84 24.2 Emergency Preparedness (EP) and In-Frequent Use 84 24.3 General Use, Maintenance, and Storage 85 24.3.1 Recommended Temperature Ranges 85 24.3.2 Use/Discharge 86 24.3.3 Charge 86 24.3.4.
  2. perform effective operator maintenance, and the accountability of supervisors and leaders to ensure operators are properly trained and competent in the use and care of medical equipment. b. Allocate adequate time for equipment operators (EO) to perform operator preventive maintenance services on a scheduled basis
  3. including System Maintenance, Ventilation and Work Practices can effectively reduce N 2 O concentrations in patient procedures. Your accessory Porter Nitronox Scavenger System is an important part of the system of controls in medical settings. WARNING: When using a single use full face mask, not supplied sterile. Dispos
  4. An important part of this process is to ensure validated manufacturer information for the equipment and systems is available, including detailed preventive maintenance and repair guidelines. Biomedical Service Manual
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• the biomedical engineer. (LMP) for preventive and routine maintenance of laboratory equipment. FIG. 2. First version of the LMP, as proposed by the European Tuberculosis Laboratory Initiative Area of Maintenance Laboratory Maintenance Plan Time table and responsible perso Preventive maintenance medical equipment Anesthesia unit 25% Ventilator 58% Gamma camera 2% Pet-CT 1% MR 2% C-arm 7% Mammo 1% Angio 2% CT 2% New, high-tech medical equipment F : Medical devices in the old technology and new high-tech device groups. e development of preventive maintenance for older technology devices required a long procedural. Preventive Maintenance (PM) PM involves maintenance performed to extend the life of the device and prevent failure. PM is usually scheduled at specific intervals and includes specific maintenance activities such as lubrication, cleaning (e.g. filters) or replacing parts that are expected to wear (e.g. bearings) or which hav The biomedical engineer knows which equipment actually breaks, which causes the most user errors, and on which he or she performs preventive maintenance that has never needed calibration or repair. Facilities professionals should start by asking where time seems to be wasted or what equipment fails the most and focus the initial improvements in. run equipment checklist, plus work on the go and transfer completed records back to your CMMS daily or weekly. Webinar Wednesday would like to thank our sponsor Pronk Technolgies! Pronk Technologies was founded in 2004. Our mission is to manufacture biomedical test equipment that helps to make biomedical engineers' jobs easier and more efficient

Preventive maintenance schedule templates are proven to be highly useful when it comes to automating tasks that need to happen on a periodical basis but, have been somewhat ignored due to the infrequency. The preventive maintenance formats are similar to the excel-spreadsheet and it helps in listing the preventive maintenance schedules and guidelines according to the scenario and time basis A preventive maintenance schedule is the best tool you can use to improve your productivity. It is essential, especially if you have a business that works with lots of machines. By using preventive maintenance schedule, you'll be sure when to check up the machines, cleaning, or doing regular maintenance intended to be a replacement for required preventive maintenance. • The PAC is essential to safe care but should not delay initiating care if the patient needs are so urgent that time taken to complete the PAC could worsen the patient's outcome. Guideline for Designing Pre-Anesthesia Checkout Procedures 3/13/2008 Page #

The Preventive M aintenance Procedure governs all manufacturing, testing, and ancillary equipment requiring routine maintenance, repair, inspection, or adjustment. The Preventive Maintenance Procedure includes a system of entering, tracking and updating maintenance methods and requirements and includes a data form for capturing critical. A maintenance program generated through the consideration of characteristics and failures of medical equipment is an important component of technology management. However, older technology devices and newer high-tech devices cannot be efficiently managed using the same strategies because of their different characteristics. This study aimed to generate a maintenance program comprising two. Supplier shall provide the preventive maintenance record to biomedical as per manufacturer recommended the Preventive maintenance checklist. The test tools used during calibrations or testing must be validated. Vendor will repair the system FOC throughout the terms of Agreement 9.2.3.. To view PDF files, 4000 Hour Fillable PM Checklist, 508033 Revision P - Page 59 - July 27, 2021. 2008T Hydraulic Flow Diagrams, 700078 Revision C - March 7, 2015 . Size: 2 MB 2008K Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance Procedures, 507781 Revision H - December 22, 201

2.0 Preventive Maintenance Test Use this test to verify that the AED Plus unit is working properly and ready for use. For an alternative test using the AED Plus Simulator, refer to the AED Plus Administrator™s Guide. Note: To verify that the delivered energy for the first, second, and third shocks correspond Non-routine preventive maintenance: A set of activities is also designed to prevent problems, but the need for it cannot be predicted, so it is done on an as-needed basis. For example, if sample vacuum on the NOx analyzer drops from its normal reading, the pump, gauge or sample capillaries should be replaced or cleaned Biomedical technician or contact the manufacturer (Section XI - Customer Service). 7. For service or for technical information, please contact Customer Service (Section XI). 8. Do not open the main housing, as there are no user-serviceable parts inside. Opening may affect function of device and voids the warranty. To replace battery, see. Perform the PIP as part of a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance routine. Also, perform the PIP after any repair, replacement, or calibration procedure. The Performance Inspection Procedure Checklist is provided as a tool for the recording of PIP test results

10. Choose to test with an analyzer that you can depend on for complete preventive maintenance and safety testing. The QA-ES Electrosurgery Analyzer is an ESU tester you can depend on for preventive maintenance and ESU safety testing to test all critical functions also increased because preventative maintenance for 16% of equipment we sighted was not done on time, and yet the un-serviced equipment remained available for use. Keeping to maintenance schedules is even more important as 36% of equipment we sighted across our 8 sample hospitals had exceeded its expected life Maintenance and Usage . Each organization's equipment management program should include guidance related to maintaining and using medical equipment. For example: • Maintain and use all equipment according to manufacturers' recommendations or a specified AEM program. Document all inspections, testing, preventive maintenance James Swandol, senior biomedical technician (left), completes a competency checklist as Jesse Rodriguez, BMET II, performs a preventive maintenance check on a ventilator. This, said Wyatt, allows the champion tech to pass along additional knowledge, such as an overview of what the equipment does and quick troubleshooting tips • Biomedical Equipment: C onduct Preventative Maintenance, replace batteries and repair parts as necessary, ensure patient lifts and Beds are in place • Carpentry: Check and repair walls, doors, cabinets, and floors, ensure ceiling tiles are in place and clean. • Paint: Fill holes, repair peeled paint, seal porous surfaces (sheetrock/wood

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File Type PDF Full Version Machine Shop Preventive Maintenance Checklist May 06, 2021 · Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Access is MS Access 2016, but there are numerous users still using ms access 2013, access 2010 or access 2007 version, therefore we created access database templates that compatible with all versions As 100% of condition maintenance causes 0% breakdown of equipment. There are many different preventative maintenance actions to be performed on a power transformer. They can be on a daily, monthly, yearly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. Some transformer maintenance activities only need to be performed once in a 3 to 4 years interval

Mileage Tracking Use optical character recognition to record mileage and engine hours. Maintenance Schedules Build service schedules for your fleet in seconds so you'll stay on top of preventative maintenance. Work Orders Generate work orders from service schedules and group faults together to save time and have greater clarity across your fleet's maintenance costs Some clinical/biomedical engineers even go so far during preventive maintenance inspections or rounds as to remove any wrong disposables from the device. While this is a good preventive step, it requires the person doing the removal to replace the wrong items with the correct ones Preventive maintenance (PM) includes control, investigation, and checking all equipment from the viewpoint of quantitative and qualitative medical. Devices are highly important in personnel's health and improve patient's treatment. Despite the importance of maintenance, the guidelines in this area are not properly performed in our country FSI provides tools for everything a modern hospital maintenance program needs, from rounding checklists and audit trails to state-of-the-art Virtual Reality and drawing management. Finally, your technicians, managers and executives can easily access and use truly reliable and future-proof facility and biomedical data. Learn more Biomedical, 6.9%. Test Equipment, 5.3%. Other Skills, 58.4%. The six most common skills found on Biomedical Engineering Technician resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list. 1. Procedures. high Demand. Procedures are the established ways to perform a certain task

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Mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads help biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs) and clinical engineers (CEs) on the job, and reduce organizational waste—an added healthcare cost savings. A mobile preventive maintenance procedure and checklist application. (e.g., preventive maintenance, safety alert, recall, or everything. Biomedical technicians oversee, maintain and repair the following equipment at a facility: dialysis machines, reuse equipment and water treatment equipment, floor scales, infusion pumps and centrifuges. Biomed techs perform preventative maintenance and repair dialysis machines. A biomed tech can be responsible for up to 50 dialysis machines and. HDTT 1109 This course covers the introduction to basic hydraulics and is designed to promote understanding of hydraulic theory and application related to hydraulic systems, tools, and equipment used in heavy duty trucks. The student will study principles of hydraulics, operation, component identification, and preventive maintenance The Biomedical Engineer currently develops Preventive Maintenance plans for medical equipment which is a cornerstone in TJC standards. Utilizing the manufacturer's recommendations and current medical equipment inventory, new medical equipment is categorized, assessed for risk, given a PM frequency and procedure, and assigned to Biomedical. preventative maintenance described in this manual. Leaky blankets or hoses, as well Certified Biomedical Electronics 3.11 REQUIRED MONTHLY PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST.. 46. OPERATION MANUAL HEMOTHERM MODEL 400CE Page 10 of 48 LIST OF.

maintenance and regulation of BSL-3 facilities in the WHO African region 1. Clinical laboratory services - organization and administration - standards 2. Technology assessment, biomedical - methods 3. Containment of biohazards - methods 4. Laboratories 5. Safety Management 6 Update basic biomedical equipment inventory on the covered BBE is secured and used as reference for preventive maintenance preparation Repair history and equipment consumables are verified in line with the institution's procedure Appropriate checklist forms tools, test equipment, calibrating tools, fast movin Preventive Actions A preventive action is a process for detecting potential problems or nonconformance's and eliminating them. The process includes: • Identify the potential problem or nonconformance • Find the cause of the potential problem • Develop a plan to prevent the occurrence. • Implement the pla installations, maintenance, supplies, and replacement as needed). and Biomedical Engineering. (4) Ensuring that the oversight group reviews, at least semi-annually, the aggregate Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Ceiling Mounted Patient Lifts

Biomedical Engineering for repair. Preventive maintenance inspections should only be performed by qualified service personnel. • Preventive maintenance inspections should be performed only by Biomedical Engineering. • The use of chemicals that can damage the surface of the instrument an A preventive maintenance checklist is an itemized list of written tasks that guide technicians through a process of asset's preventive maintenance (PM). This checklist's objective is to establish reliable working processes withing a facility, factory or other enterprises by ensuring that all technicians in the maintenance team follow the PM. EQUIPMENT DAILY CHECKLIST AND SAFETY INSPECTION FORM . FBP-OS-PRO-00025-F01, Rev. 3 Page 1 of 2 . NOTE: This form is not to be used for inspections of mobile/overhead cranes, powered industrial trucks, or aerial lifts

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  1. • Maintenance 46 - Filter Cartridge Replacement 46 - General System Cleaning 47 - Comfort Strip Replacement 49 • Battery 50 - Charging 50 - Storage 52 • Appendix A. Training Competency Checklist 53 • Appendix B. Annual Review Test Questions 56 • Appendix C. Sample Standard Operating Procedures 60 • Appendix D. Storing MAXAI
  2. Usage, operation, maintenance, etc., of medical device in the Medical Device Act 737 2012. ii. Provide guidance on the procedures for installation, T&C and acceptance of medical devices in healthcare facility, aesthetic settings, and premises for wellness programs and related services. iii
  3. Are preventive maintenance and routine checks for the emergency eyewash stations and showers documented? Are mechanical pipettes devices used for manipulating all liquids in the laboratory? HOUSEKEEPING. Medical Safety Template - Laboratory Inspection Checklist Last modified by
  4. ate medical errors. One method being implemented more and more is the checklist. In his book The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande, MD, analyzes the positive impact o
  5. Individual site Routine Maintenance Agreements are developed specifically for each site by the relevant Facilities Management Contractor and revised annually. Therefore, users are advised to consult with their relevant FM or the DPTI FM Contract Management Unit for any specific information relating to maintenance arrangements for their site
  6. severity of the alarm. The checklist should be referenced when systems updates/upgrades and Preventive Maintenance Inspections and repairs are accomplished. The agreed to checklist should be signed off by the Biomedical Engineering professional and the Nurse Manager of the unit. 5. Users experiencing excessive false alarms should identify and.

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Preventive Maintenance Planning 15 Biomed maintenance tools 15 and maintenance of this pump. Failure to follow should only be opened at a work-station with Electrostatic controls, including a grounded mat and wrist-strap. • Pump Maintenance: Only trained biomedical service personnel may service this pump. Servic This course is designed to introduce the biomedical professional to the distinctive characteristics of both the Dräger Vapor 2000 and 3000. This course will include how to dismount and to mount the components and assemblies according to the maintenance and repair section in ServiceConnect®. The participan

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  1. Biomedical waste storage till transportation to final treatment/disposal site The extent to which the level of care/ services provided meets customer needs are: Color coded waste disposal bags are conveniently available at waste generation sites. Waste is stored and transported in closed.
  2. approaches to maintenance. For example, activities such as predictive maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance, interval-based maintenance, corrective maintenance, or metered maintenance may be selected to ensure dependable performance. Note 2: For guidance on maintenance and testing activities for Essential Electric Systems (Type I), se
  3. imum, a trained biomedical technician must perform a CO2 calibration and an NIBP calibration check once per year. A CO2 calibration check may be performed at any time to verify the CO2 calibration
  4. 4.2 Implementation Checklist 35 4.3 Indicators 37 Appendix I Sample Planned Preventive Maintenance Log Sheet 70 Appendix J Good Practice Checklist for Corrective Maintenance 71 Biomedical Equipment Maintenance workshop layout Fo
  5. es the documents circulated among biomedical equipment repair technicians in order to build a conceptual model that accounts for mul-tilayered temporality in technical healthcare professional communities

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An Electrical Safety Inspection is an onsite inspection, where all cord-connected medical equipment that comes in contact with patients or is used in patient vicinity must pass an annual bio-medical electrical safety test. This is an inspection in which the current in the ground wire is measured and must comply with NFPA99 specifications 1 1.0 PURPOSE The purpose of the Guideline for the Safe Use of Autoclaves is to inform potential users and their supervisors of the issues that must be considered to ensure the autoclave process is undertaken in (Article) What is the predictive maintenance? (Article) What are the goals of predictive maintenance? (Article) Difference Between Preventive Maintenance vs Predictive Maintenance (Article) 5 Steps to Reaching Smart Predictive Maintenance (Medium) Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: where to start This pdf contains 77 electrical inspection checklists taken from the 2014 Electrical Inspection Manual with Checklists . The checklists are in PDF format and can be completed electronically or printed and used as hard copy

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2.0 Preventive Maintenance Test Use this test to verify that the AED Pro unit is working properly and ready for use. For an alternative test using the AED Pro simulator, refer to the AED Pro Operator's Guide. Note: To verify that the delivered energy for the first, second, and third shocks correspond Rice360 Institute of Global Health Technologies 6100 Main MS-636 Houston, Texas 77005-1827 Rice 360 Malawi. Queen Elizabeth Central Hospita • Equipment inspection and preventive maintenance schedules. • Maintenance of a list of authorized laser users and team members. biomedical engineering, director of medical staff continuing education, director of nursing, DLSO, environmental manager, health technolog

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  1. Preventive maintenance (PM) is done annually on a staggered schedule and according to the manufacturer's guidelines. During PM, the unit's output and integrity are the main parts we check, as well as the function of the whole system, says David Scott, CBET, biomed department, Hospital Shared Services, Denver
  2. Service & Maintenance Training Cantel is proud to offer Biomed training classes at its Minnesota training facility. The week-long class includes equipment function, setup and diagnostics explanation, preventative maintenance tasks and all necessary hands-on training for AER fault diagnostics and repair
  3. Annual Preventative Maintenance & Service Enerspect Medical offers a variety of preventative maintenance and on- demand service solutions at the industry's most competitive prices. Annual maintenance ensures device reliability, extends the life of your equipment and helps prevent costly repairs and liability exposure
  4. ds can only hold so much information before it starts to forget things
  5. Maintaining your FRx AED is a very simple task that is made up from a few easy steps that are necessary to make sure that your AED is in working order when you need it. It is important to not miss a single step when checking your AED, so we made a list for you. 1. Check the status indicator on your AED to make sure that it is blinking green
  6. or problems, do all calibrations, and perform the preventive maintenance procedures
  7. Fiche Contenu 3-4 : Mise en place d'un programme de maintenance de l'équipement Maintenance préventive La maintenance préventive comprend des mesures telles que le nettoyage systématique et routinier, l'ajustement et le remplacement de certaines parties de l'équipement à intervalles réguliers

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Preventive maintenance can be scheduled on a time or usage based trigger. Let's look at an example for each. Time-based preventive maintenance. A typical example of a time-based preventive maintenance trigger is a regular inspection on a critical piece of equipment that would severely impact production in the event of a breakdown 24 / 48 WEEK CERTIFICATE COURSE. The Biomedical Equipment Technician Certificate program provides a comprehensive overview of the biomedical equipment and healthcare technology management industry. Students study hardware, software, and troubleshooting for medical devices. Students will apply skills acquired throughout their coursework in basic. Publications are provided in portable document format (PDF). operation and maintenance (O&M) activities at Civil Works projects, facilities (including b. P.L. 106-580, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Establishment Act. c. Executive Order 13112, Invasive Species, 3 February 1999. BMET 2210 This course studies the various technologies in the medical care field. Areas of study cover the use of various test equipment, performing, preventive maintenance and the use of testing equipment for maintaining proper operation. Prerequisites: BMET 1220 or equivalent Credits: In limited resources settings, Health Technology Management (HTM) presents specific challenges, which significantly differ from those faced in higher income settings. In Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), HTM requires holistic approaches based on reliable information on medical devices operationalized in local medical locations, which may differ significantly from the USA or European ones

2. To verify that equipment is scheduled for preventative maintenance 3. To ensure that the equipment installed is documented for change control / revalidation purposes 2. Procedure Inspect the installed equipment and record details of all major process equipment as required below Predictive vs Preventive: In-depth Maintenance Guide [2021 update] As you can see above, if setting up analytics is not more costly than reduced uptime, then predictive analytics is the solution. Let's look at why. Most executives are not clear on how predictive is different than preventive maintenance they have been conducting for years Facility maintenance is the process of increasing the utility of a building by regularly servicing capital assets, commercial appliances, and areas inside or around a building. Capital assets include machinery, robotics, research equipment, and medical devices; commercial appliances include boilers and HVAC units; and areas include rooms. Set up a Service Request & easily print UPS shipping forms so we can track the progress of your Biomedical Equipment shipment. Questions? Call 844-425-0987