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CPU freezing and process spikes are some of the most well-known issues. There are a huge variety of factors that can be termed guilty of these occurrences but the most notable are faulty hardware or outdated drivers If your computer is infected by virus or malware, the CPU usage can randomly spike and your computer can experience lag issues. To fix the problem, it's recommended you run a virus scan or malware scan on your computer. To do so, you can use a good antivirus or antimalware software Every 60 seconds, Firefox usage spikes in one CPU core, to over 90%. Sometimes Firefox usage manages to spill into the second core as well (I don't know how it manages to do that). ProcesExplorer's per-thread info (bottom of the image) demonstrates that this excessive CPU usage isn't happening in a plugin. It's coming form Firefox, proper Hello, In the last month or so, I've been getting maximum CPU spikes to 100%, completely freezing the laptop on couple of seconds. This occurs pretty much each time the laptop is used for very basic stuff, music video on youtube + few extra tabs and thats pretty much it, not big demands for laptop Look at the temperature readings when your computer keeps freezing. Generally speaking, high temperature spikes (over 80°C) could be the cause of random freezing. For a more detailed overview of how to check your CPU temperature, check out our (older) article on checking processor temperature

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-Computer slows but doesn't freeze-the really bad spikes are up to 100% cpu usage; usually though they are 70-80%.-Video sound gets distorted and choppy; like if you have an injured CD that still plays right through the scratches but gets all choppy sounding Writing an email in Outlook was successful, but the letters appeared on the screen with a delay. The performance of Teams bothered me the most. In Task Manager I found CPU usage was high, and more than 1 GB of memory in use was no exception. There is no way to limit the memory usage of Microsoft Teams Additionally, the viruses on your PC can cause the 100% CPU usage issue. So you can try to run an antivirus scan to check if there are viruses, spywares or Trojans on your computer. If you find viruses after scanning your PC, you need to delete them immediately. If you don't find viruses, you can try the next solution Later, on September 4, 2019, Microsoft acknowledged that there is a bug with KB4512941 update and it causes high CPU usage spikes. At that time, there was no official explanation for the root cause of Cortana high CPU usage and no effective fix to Windows 10 CPU spikes. But don't worry, you still have chance to solve Windows update high CPU High Usage spikes for no reason. I have a custom built PC with an AMD 3 2200G quad core 3.7ghz CPU, 16 DDR4 2666mhz ram, and 500W PSU. My issues is that my Graphics card, a Biostar RX 560 4gb, has recently in that past 2 days spiked at random times for no reason what so ever and will freeze my computer, I have tried many things, before it was.

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55%+ CPU usage and Excel mostly unusable. We can save the file(s), but can not click in and cells or use most of the ribbon. Users started to see this behavior this week and is now happening multiple times per day. Closing out of Excel and reopen of same files fixes CPU use (reboot not needed) See screenshot. Even though it's only around 8% usage, it causes my computer to freeze for a second or so every 2nd or 3rd spike which makes doing anything very frustrating. The computer is a new build with an i7-8700k cpu, 32gb of ddr4 pc4-25600 3200 mhz memory and a gtx 1080 ti 11gb video card At times the GPU will spike to 100% and freeze the entire system, usually preceeded by the mouse dragging or slowing down and stopping. If I do not quickly stop using the mouse after the slowdown begins, the entire system will usually freeze and cannot be recovered without power cycling the PC

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Taking to its @WindowsUpdate Twitter account, Microsoft acknowledged its new KB4512941 update can cause a major spike in CPU usage (users report by up to 40%) and it has promised a fix (via. Every 20 seconds or so the CPU usage jumps about 20-30% and it causes my computer to go through a pretty nasty lag spike. This problem has persisted through multiple restarts and seems to never go away while the computer is still on. My current setup: Intel i5-4460 Radeon RX 580 16 GB 1600MHz DDR3 Windows 10 Any help would be much appreciate You can confirm if your PC has a high CPU usage problem using the Task Manager (press Control + Shift + ESC) by checking under the Processes tab. If the CPU percentage constantly hovers 80% or.. I own gtx 780 and the problem appears mid gaming, nvidia driver has stopped responding and has recovered. So now I have constanly watched MSI Afterburner to see what's happening and I saw that GPU usage spikes to 99-100% and crashes (fan speed doesn't stop, have seen post with same issue with the fan speed)

General browsing around feels laggy - and opening new tabs pretty much causes my computer to freeze for a few seconds. During this time firefox causes the CPU to spike to 100% usage. I've been using firefox for years on this computer with no issues. Hardware is pretty good (i7 5820k, 64GB of ram and an SSD) Wanted to post for MacOS Sierra users, recently I've been seeing increased CPU load and the computer chugging a bit during Spotify usage. Moved to 'Private Session' which I assume stops some sharing tasks, anyways dropped my SpotifyHelper process from 34% -> 3% and my Spotify app process from 10.x -> 1.8% ish, and they are staying low Game periodically freezes for few seconds, then unlocks, CPU usage dips EDIT 2: I have found that after either a) restarting the Battle.net launcher, and or restarting my computer - the first launch of the game will not have these freezes Even the event viewer can't display anything relevant to the problem. The only hint I can get is the Performance viewer in Windows Task Manager showing the CPU spiking at 100% after every lockup (when it unfreezes), whilst the RAM usage remains at 3gb or so. The issue appeared around 2 years ago I have recently upgraded my computer, and have thus have installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on a new SSD. But, ever since installing it, I have been getting random CPU spikes several times a day. These spikes take the overall CPU utilization to 100% (across all threads) for a couple of seconds, and my entire system freezes up

Random freezes possibly caused by kworker cpu usage spikes. Every so often for the past day or so, my computer freezes for no discernably good reason. All the software on my computer is completely up to date, unless there have been updates in the past three hours or so. I have Linux kernel 3.19.2, although I had the same problem with 3.18 My CPU usage randomly spikes at 100% and slows down my system. I have a Ryzen 9 5900X and whenever I'm playing a game Escape From Tarkov for example whenever I'm in game my CPU will randomly spike and reach 100% usage and my frames drop, it freezes for a second and then it goes back after a couple minutes of lowered FPS and choppy performance If I'm not having this freezing problem, my computer will reboot just fine. I have monitored the computer using TaskInfo as well as Task Manager, and when the computer freezes, the CPU usage will give a huge spike up to 100% right after it unfreezes. But no other software seems to be causing it a problem from viewing either of those programs CPU usage spikes after computer has been running a while « on: January 21, 2014, 10:36:47 AM » I installed the latest beta (using the cleaning tools provided in the thread as well), in an attempt to prevent this issue, yet it's a sure thing that after my computer has been running for an extended time, the AvastSvc process will lock itself at.

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Stuttering and huge CPU spikes (Possible Fix) After the NEXT update, I've been experiencing very bad, very regular stuttering with huge spikes in CPU usage. It jumps from ~20% CPU to 90-100%, only for half a second or so, but enough to cause the framerate to drop to single digits for a second or two, and it happens every several seconds when. I expected this problem to be completely gone since my new computer's hardware is about twice as powerful as my old computer. We were playing together on a LAN server and after about an hour and a half the cpu usage started spiking in task manager and the game would freeze for about 10 seconds after every spike

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  1. Faulty USB or other external devices such as the mouse and keyboard can cause the computer to freeze. You can try connecting one device at a time to investigate the root cause. Also try updating the USB device drivers to fix this computer keeps freezing problem. 7. Computer Viruses. Viruses could also be the main cause for a computer to freeze
  2. How to Fix High CPU Usage in Games. High CPU usage in games when you have a weaker or older processor is pretty much understandable especially when playing a CPU intensive game, but if you have a modern-day powerful processor with many cores (more than four), and then also getting 100% or high CPU usage then the problem lies in other areas
  3. AMD A-Series Dual-Core Processor A9-9420 3 GHz (Up to 3.6GHz) , 6GB DDR4 Memory, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. This occurred right after my PC shut off due to lack of battery. I booted it up and was greeted with a Windows Update screen. It randomly updated and once it was done, the computer was 800% slower from last usage.
  4. 4. Your computer will now be running with low CPU & disk-drive usage, and, of course, 0% Internet usage. 5. Minimize the Task Manager. 6. Connect to the Internet, activate Windows, and launch Windows Update. 7. Restore the Task Manager window. 8

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Summary: The blog describes the categories of system hang which users generally face. It highlights the reasons that cause frequent computer freezing, which needs to be resolved with quick consideration. If you find your PC turning unresponsive at times and it freezes suddenly, it's time to get a thorough check of your system If run a CPU usage graph on your PC, you may be surprised to see spikes in usage even when you're not running any programs. In all likelihood it shouldn't be a real concern because your computer may be running background applications even though y.. Sustained high CPU usage makes your CPU much hotter than normal, which can cause slow performance, freezes, or crashes. Why is my CPU usage at 100%? High CPU usage on Windows 10 and older versions can be caused by a range of factors including intensive processes, high internal temperatures, or even malware An update on this issue (I'm having the same problem with high CPU usage when Flow and Firefox are running): first, although it's not explained anywhere in the documentation from HP, here's a little about what Flow does: it's supposed to monitor what the computer is doing and adjust the audio mode to that

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  1. computer freezes cpu spikes to 100% 20 posts coelenterates. Seniorius Lurkius Registered: May 21, 2001. Posts: 32. Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 8:19 pm.
  2. 3) Leaving the computer idle (It was frozen when I got back to my PC) 4) Changing control panel settings. I was lucky enough to capture and save the screenshots showing it in Task Manager. The culprit process seems to be the 'SYSTEM' process (which shows only 25% CPU usage, however as you can see my ACTUAL CPU usage spikes all the way to 100%.
  3. Relevant Answer. Yup, I have an elgato stream deck that monitors my CPU usage and i'll be sitting at my computer idle, hear my fan turn on, and the CPU will spike to 100%. I check task manager and Chrome is the cause. 10 seconds later, everything is back to baseline 5% usage. This has only been happening recently, within the past few months
  4. The spike in CPU usage has been reported by users after two updates were shipped this month - Windows 10 December update and Intel Driver & Software Assistant Tool update. In some cases, the.

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  1. But during spike it stays at 25% CPU and 3% GPU no matter what. If you manage to log out during it CPU usage stays the same so its not an interface problem. Honestly i would not even notice it ever if not for a friend who has laptop and started getting freezes just when we were about to play together this weekend
  2. 1. Desktop during freeze (MSI Afterburner) - temperature spikes go up to 60°C and clock reversed spikes go down to 2200 mhz (not 1000 mhz as i said in the first post) 2. Desktop during freeze (CPU-Z) - Voltage 1,4 V. Then I restarted the pc to take these ones: 3
  3. Aug 10, 2006. #7. Similiar Problem. I am running a desktop computer with ASUS motherboard, AMD CPU, 1GB RAM, plenty of space on machine. Using the task manager to monitor the CPU i get spikes from.

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But it seems it doesnt matter what I do, Watch netflix, play minecraft, or dont even have a browser or game open at all. my CPU ALWAYS Spikes to 100, and when it does it stays their, And doesnt go. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Windows Task Manager. In the list of processes, search for Antimalware Service Executable. Right click on the process and select Open File Location. In the address bar, you'll see the full path of Antimalware Service Executable. Click on the address bar and copy the full path. Open the Start menu, type.

My Ubuntu 18.04 randomly freezes for a few seconds. I can move the mouse cursor (sometimes), but otherwise the OS is unresponsive and I can't switch to any other application. When it resumes, I can go to the System Monitor and see a spike in CPU usage a few seconds ago (only to 70% though), but that doesn't tell me WHAT used the CPU then When the computer freezes (its usually while watching YouTube/Twitch or browsing the internet as that is what I do 90% of the time but its never happened when the GPU and CPU are 40%+ usage. After the freeze, which is only around 10-20 seconds, it'll usually return to normal Please perform the following steps and check the CPU usage : >>>Power Reset Disconnect the charger. Please check for a battery reset PIN hole at the bottom of the device. The reset hole would have a battery symbol next to it. Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for four seconds. Let the computer sit for 5 minutes with no power

I was recommended to use the Process Explorer program to monitor my computer and when I have it turned on I see that Paintshop Pro causes a huge spike in my CPU usage during the time it is freezing, and then as quickly as the freezing happens, it unfreezes, the spike in cpu usage drops down to normal and all systems are a go once again While updates are happening, you'll usually see CPU and disk usage spikes in the Task Manager: A major update resulting in 10% CPU use and 57 MB/s hard disk usage for WMIW. If you're seeing TiWorker.exe or Windows Modules Installer Worker causing high disk usage in Windows 10, or high CPU usage, it's completely normal Finally, restart your computer and launch the Warzone game again. 6. Disable Startup Programs. Startup programs are those who start running automatically in the background whenever the system boots up. So, even if you don't use those apps or services, they always run in the background and can a lot of CPU/Memory usage

Check CPU Usage in Windows. To check the CPU usage in windows, you have to open the windows task manager by pressing the shortcut tabs control+esc+shift. After that, you have to open the performance tab that gives you a closer look. Here you can check the problems and the factors that contribute and are the factors that help to figure out how. Reducing Ozone's latency and CPU usage. Unlike many single task plug-ins, Ozone harnesses the power of six plug-ins in one. Ozone performs a significant number of calculations when running. The combination of multiple DSP modules performing analog modeling and a half dozen real time meters dictates that it requires more CPU processing than a. In Live 11, the improved CPU meter now displays the current (total) CPU usage as well as the average CPU usage. Live 10. The CPU meter in Live 10 displays the amount of the CPU currently processing audio, rather than the overall CPU load. To get an accurate reading of the current CPU load overall, open Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (Win) This happens until I manually reboot but I was still able to move around my computer (with the audio stutters and freezes of course) and I check my task manager to see that my CPU usage spikes up to 100% which is really strange because I do not play that high intensive games nor use programs that uses a lot of my comptuer too and my gfx/cpu. I am still seeing this residual CPU usage and memory leak and I just checked for updates and confirmed this is leaking on the latest version as of 2018-06-24. My primary OS is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS. It sounds like Spotify's desktop client has a problem across the board and this has been a problem for months now without resolution

Valorant Freeze and Crash Fix due to high cpu usage. Valorant 100% CPU Usage Fix: *[UPDATE]* *Very Important* : If you are a Valorant pro then this video wil.. However the CPU usage problem remains. What seems to happen is that something triggers high demand and then every process on the computer joins in. When I look at resource monitor right now it's consuming 1.3% of CPU but when things are choking it is consuming 15% of CPU, and all the running processes jump from like 0.5% to 5% Fix Call of Duty Warzone Stuttering, Lag, High CPU Usage, Crash, FPS Drops, FreezingMy live stream viewers were asking for this how to guide so here is the v.. Something else that happens when my internet stops working is that just before, and then after, the mouse freezes in a choppy way. It will freeze for a few seconds and then move again, like the computer is processing too much at once. I check the CPU usage and sure enough there are random spikes to 100% or at least 65% every 10 seconds or so The CPU usage monitor gets an occasional spike but is generally around 1% - 8% (Max spike is 20%- 25%) As for overheating, i use Speedfan and no extremely high temperature are recorded, especially soon after bootup where the problem occurs. It becomes getting hot after 5-6 hours of using, even then it doesn't freeze up

Anyone else getting 100% CPU spikes that cause the frame rate to drop to 1-2 frames a second? I can get it to stop by hitting the steam button and when the menu pops up the CPU goes back down, but then a few seconds later it comes back. It is happening everytime I play now. (Core I7 4770k Photoshop consumes all of the customer's system resources, such as CPU Try the solutions proposed in High CPU usage due to CEPHTMLEngine. Ensure that your computer/OS is optimized in general. For example, use the MSConfig utility on Windows computers. Kill unnecessary processes running in the background on your computer So problem is - when I start stardew valley and loading the game my cpu usage will spike to 100%. Loading times are long and everything seems laggy. Spikes on framerate graph. I found a solution somewhere on reddit - you need to delete and install XNA framework from steam folder and reboot It's possible that a third-party application installed on your computer is causing issues with your CPU usage. In this case, we recommend turning off all non-Microsoft startup processes, then testing them one by one to see which one is driving your CPU usage so high. Here's how you can disable startup applications in Windows 10

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Whenever I press alt-ctrl-del on any computer it always shows a quick 60%-100% peak at the very beginning the CPU usage history, wether or not the cpu is being stressed or the comp is lagging. My guess is this peak is related with the opening of the Task Manager. Nothing else. There seems to be definately a process locking up somewhere at random The TPS loss results from CPU spikes; I heard my audio jitter out and my mouse freeze for a split second whenever one occurred, and the CPU usage leaped as high as 80% during the short test. (Not overclocked beyond factory OC with hardware and no major changes to hardware I can think of, by the way. Microsoft publishes security alert on IIS bug that causes 100% CPU usage spikes. Microsoft releases updates to fix bug that froze systems when IIS handled malformed HTTP/2 requests The CPU usage will spike to 100% for no reason, even when nothing is playing. There are sometimes Pro Tools ran out of CPU power messages. This also happens with all plug-ins removed from the plug-ins folder, as well as when there is no session open and the software is simply open. Greatly increasing the buffer helps some, but this is an.

We have an end-user using AutoCad 2014, and is experiencing CPU spikes (up to 90% utilization) whenever she renders views in 3D or changes views in 2D. There are other performance issues as well, such as shadows, etc. I upgraded her video card last week from a NVIDIA Quadro 2000 to a EVGA GEFORCE GTX 700, and the graphics issues seem to be. Computer type and state Data collection method; A physical computer that's running in a frozen state: Use a memory dump file to collect data. Or use method 2, 3, or 4. These methods are listed later in this section. A physical computer that is no longer frozen: Use method 1, 2, 3, or 4. These methods are listed later in this section The Resource Monitor seems to run at about 3% of CPU (with occasional spikes, but they aren't occurring when it freezes), Physical memory runs at ~36%. It just froze again with these numbers. It appears I have an SSD monitor Aura - Temporary fix for high CPU usage and freezing lights. Hello everyone, Aura has this annoying bug where LightingService.exe uses high CPU load (~15-20%+) and the lights get stuck, depending on the color effects. The only way to get it working again would be to kill the LightingService.exe process and restart Aura

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For a quick fix, if your computer freezes in playing games, you can first disable and end task of running programs that are taking high CPU usage. To thoroughly get rid of this issue, making your computer fast in playing games, you need to follow the suggestions as shown above to upgrade both hardware devices and software settings on your PC I checked CPU usage and it was bouncing between 20 and 70% non-stop even with nothing open and no background processes. I shut down iCue for the heck of it, and lo and behold, it solved the spiking. I tried to reinstall iCue with the newest version, but I had the same spikes start happening, iCue kept freezing and saying not responding and at. This afternoon I plan to pick up the computer and run hardware diagnostics overnight. Yup, the main culprits that are left are hardware or potentially a software based memory issue. Setting up perfmon and measuring for memory, disk i/o and cpu and see what processes cause any weird spikes in resources during the freezes If your 100% CPU usage is being caused by the WMI Provider Host process in Task Manager, then you can delve deeper into the problem. Press Win + R ,then open eventvwr.. Here in the pane on the left, go to Applications and Service Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> WMI-Activity -> Operational.. This will show you all the processes that. Game Stuttering is a very common problem that can be faced by anyone, even if you have a high-end PC with a powerful graphics card, processor, tons of RAM, and equipped with all the latest gaming hardware. What happens in stuttering is the game freezes for microseconds (or fraction of second), skipping the next frame, and this ruins the whole gaming experience

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Process Monitor logs not just CPU usage, but also registry, file system, and network activity. Check network activity using this tool if you suspect that a process could be malware. Similarly, Performance Monitor is a built-in Windows tool that gives you a more detailed view of a process's CPU usage over time I'm talking about my computer freezing up every now and then for maybe half a second. I have narrowed down the problem into NT Kernel & System process spiking in CPU usage. Now it has been doing that all this time, but before it only did it when my µtorrent was downloading, and it only downloaded when I was away from the computer, so I never. Hello , recently i upgraded my PC and got a problem i didnt have before , sometimes both my screens freeze for a second and them go black , after ward when i checked on task manager i noticed that GPU usage would always spike them drop to 0 , this manly happens when watching videos online ( youtube . netflix , twitter , ext. ) also it happens pretty much always after a couple minutes of. Hey! I'm just starting out a stream channel on Twitch, and i'm having a big big problem, as the title says obs' cpu usage spikes up to 65% causing the game to drop to 15-20 fps for about 5-10 seconds then back to normal and i cant figure out what's the cause of this before and after the spike obs takes up about 20-35% of cpu usage which is fine

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Most users faced the spike in CPU usage by the service after carrying out a clean installation of Windows 10. The issue is usually triggered when an external link is opened in Microsoft Edge. The service can spike CPU usage from 20% to 100%. When this happens, you'll find your system freezing and slowing down Live 11 Sudden CPU Spikes. Post. by moukoko » Fri Mar 05, 2021 3:25 pm. Hi there. Running Ableton on big custom built rig - latest intel i9 10900x processor, 64 GB RAM etc, big GPU, 4k monitor. Getting some very odd behaviour when recording in arrangement view. Have instances at the end of a four bar loop where - for no clear reason - the CPU. I bought an HP Pavilion dv7 laptop about 3 weeks ago. OS Windows 7. I use Chrome and for the first 2 weeks all was well. Now suddenly my cpu usage shoots up whenever I am on facebook games and the screen freezes when I have more than 4 or 5 pages open, sometimes less. I hear this is a..

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Problem is, I would get freezes and stutterings several times / minute whenever the drive was accessed (and sometimes even when it was not), making the entire system unusable. I watched the task manager, the CPU load would be 0 while the freeze lasted — basically there was nothing to do because something was hanging the process Click Save changes to save the changes made, restart your computer and see if System Interrupts is still causing high CPU usage. If the problem persists, you can re-enable Fast Startup if needed. We hope that this guide was useful and you were able to reduce high CPU usage caused by System Interrupts, and it is now back to normal As a result, the discussed process should be consuming a little less CPU power. Method 3. Shut down Windows Defender to kill Antimalware Service Executable high memory usage in Windows 10 . Before you use this method to fix MsMpEng.exe high CPU Usage, please be aware of the fact that you will be disabling Windows' inbuilt security system Solution 4: Update Drivers. The shutdown sequence can sometimes be blocked due to outdated drivers. Press the Windows key then R, type hdwwiz.cpl and press enter. Right-click any hardware items such as DVD-DR and click properties.. Go to the Driver tab and click update driver if needed. Do this for most of the.

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Games freezing when malwarebytes service spikes in cpu usage Games freezing when malwarebytes service spikes in cpu usage It will remove the Chromium entries and restart the computer. Post back the new fixlog.txt file. fixlist.txt. Games freezing when malwarebytes service spikes in cpu usage Back to top. Theme . Light (Default) Dark. 1. Right Click the Start and then select Task Manager from the list. 2. Under Performance, choose CPU. Then you can see the CPU Utilization, Processes and Up time. Or for checking specific software or program usage on Windows 10, you can tap to Processes, here you are enabled to see the concert CPU usage for all tasks CPU Spike bug in latest Windows 10 1903 update reported to Microsoft. Microsoft released the cumulative update KB4512941 for Windows 10 version 1903 last week; soon thereafter, reports started to emerge on several Internet forums that the update was causing high CPU usage on some systems. Update: Microsoft confirmed the issue on Twitter via the. Start using your computer as normal, but keep an eye on the CPU, memory and disk categories. If the computer freezes, and one of these is really high, then that could be your answer

Once uninstalled, restart your system. Once your PC is back on, press Ctrl+shift+esc to open Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab, and click Name to sort the processes alphabetically. If fixed, Windows Explorer should now be using very little CPU. If Windows Explorer is still using an abnormally high CPU, move to the next step below Run the Windows 10 Troubleshoot to Fix Errors Causing High CPU Usage. If your Modern Setup Host is hogging all of your CPU resources (slow computer), then try running the built-in Windows Update Troubleshoot Program. This is built right into Windows 10 systems, but for those on Windows 7 and 8, you can download it here Everything started well but now I have problems with high CPU usage. I have seen that for each user using Reader DC open between 1 and 3 processes with the same name, RdrCEF.exe. This process consumes a lot of memory and sometimes, depending on the PDF file, use much of the CPU causing performance problems in other user sessions on the server Click Run to open the Run window. In Windows 10 click the Search or Cortana icon in the Windows taskbar and type Run. You will see the Run command appear at the top of the list. In the Open field, type CHKDSK /F and click OK. You may need to restart your computer for the CHKDSK operation to proceed. Do so if prompted The CPU usage will spike but even so, with proper cooling, the CPU shouldn't be overheating. If you are overheating then it may be worth cleaning out the computer. With that said, if the WMI steps do not help, then reinstalling the game from scratch should get around the CPU usage that you're seeing. as it did with the Overwatch patch