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  1. Cruise Ship Crew Life All things crew life. From what to pack for your first contract to what dating is like on board - this will give you the information you need for a great time onboard. Posts from 100 Days at Sea during the initial pause in cruise operations from March-June 2020
  2. There are always advantages and disadvantages to every job and working on cruise ships is no different. Cruise ship crew life can be intense: long hours, no days off for months, lots of rules, demanding guests, small living quarters and little to no privacy
  3. All crew members definitely live on the ship. The majority of the crew live on the lower decks below the waterline, with the exception of some staff and officers that live at the waterline (below the passenger decks still) or on decks higher up closer to the bridge
  4. Crew & Cruise. RECRUITS FOR: Azamara, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Silversea. Locations: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay. Published On - 6 September, 2020. We are the biggest portal of knowledge of how to work on cruise ships and yachts of the world
  5. I worked as a seasonal worker on a cruise ship, and it was super fun. The crew was almost all young, and the bar below deck was incredibly cheap. However, the reason it was so cheap was that most of the staff got paid almost nothing and had to do long stints in order to have their flight paid for
  6. Rather than working traditional five-day weeks, cruise-ship employees often work seven days a week for the duration of their contracts, which can range from about two months to 11 months. Between..
  7. Cruise Critic toured Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.'s new crew training and housing facility in the Philippines. Here's what we learned, including 10 facts about working on a cruise ship you might.

Former crew members have taken to Reddit to share their experiences of life at sea — the good, the bad and the ugly. Working on a cruise ship may seem like a dream job, but according to ex-employees there are plenty of downsides to the role During their contract onboard a cruise ship, they'll work long hour shifts with a few hours in between in which to sleep, eat, socialise, chill out and if they're lucky, step off the ship in the port to explore the ship's destinations. 7-Brilliant Benefits The hours might be long but crew members and staff do get good benefits to compensate

If you think that life as a performer on board a ship is simply performance then you'd be interested to find out that dancing, or singing, or acrobatics, is hardly the only work a performer will do once on board their cruise. All crew members are under strict rules like smiling at all times in public, always saying hello walking by guests, no. The secret is, cruise ship workers are on a contract, lasting 6 - 9 months usually and during this time they don't take time off. Security teams will often work 24 hours straight and sometimes more on the first days of the cruise. Maintenance and retail workers will work 10 hour shifts, often given only 5 hours to rest before starting again Crew Life at sea know that all cruise ship crew must be medically, physically and mentally be fit for the job that they are employed to do. This includes being fit to perform emergency duties if required and able to deal effectively with isolation from friends and family Following all the uncertainty the cruise ship crew members are facing during these difficult times Crew Center has reached out for advice by a former crew member who is now working as a medical professional on how to keep our mental health and support each other. Carnival Cruise Line will allow crew shore leave in U.S. and Caribbean port Crew Life at Sea. Crew Life@Sea is a Leading Recruitment Agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. Specializing in Cruise Ship Jobs, Yachts and River Cruises. In addition, we offer useful information, advice, insights, and resources to help inspire all job seekers to succeed while working abroad..

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Life Onboard A Cruise Ship. Watch a video on what a day in the life of a crew member is like. Contract Lengths & Accommodations. Contract Lengths With over 30,000 sea-going employees and a growing fleet of ships, it takes a great deal of coordination and strategic planning to keep operations running smoothly. Because of this, contract. The constant day-in and day-out life onboard is a veritable melting pot. Combine tight living quarters, long working days and months of duty (often with few days off) that keep cruise ship crew. Life on a Cruise Ship for the Crew: Alexandra, Deck Cadet Officer: Dear friends! It's time for another fascinating story about life on a cruise ship for the crew ! Today we are going to get acquainted with a beautiful Deck Cadet Officer, Alexandra Busuioc, who really loves her job. Besides, she loves to share exciting moments of her adventures on her Instagram Profile (@alexandrabsc), and it. Hey guys! Here is a tour of my crew cabin on Harmony of the Seas. I am a dancer/vocalist in Grease with Royal Caribbean Int.VIDEOS EVERY FRIDAY!**DON'T FORGE.. Many crew members have two lives That being said, when workers spend so much of their time on the cruise ship, it's no secret that some may lead a double life and have two relationships going on at the same time. One at sea and one at home. It seems being committed doesn't necessarily hold up in international waters

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Apparently the Filipino crew member may have taken his own life and this happened on Friday before the vessel arrived into Port of Miami, Florida. The Virgin Voyages cruise ship is the first. CRUISE ship holidays attract a huge number of Britons every year looking for a way to travel the world without ever having to unpack. Cruises also welcome numerous crew members keen to take to the. Feb 04, 2020. I always wondered what it would be like working on a cruise ship. After a few cruises as a passenger, a window finally opened and I was able to experience the crew life on board. A lot has to be done before embarking, many courses to attend and things to prepare. After a safety and security training, there was also the training. A Crew internet café is offered onboard the ship so the crew can be connected even while at sea. Internet is not free in the majority of cruise lines, Viking Cruises and Crystal Cruises are the only two I know that offer free, limited internet to crew members We encourage all crew members working on cruise ship to submit articles about their ship life experience. If you have cruise insider news you want to share please send your story HERE. Important Notice. Crew Center is not associated with any Cruise Line, and we are not recruiting agency for crew or hiring partner..

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  1. In some cases, crew areas are a lot like guest areas because some crew have guest privileges. But not all crew have these privileges, so cruise lines dedicate certain parts of the ship just for crew. Depending on the ship's size and age, how much space is reserved for crew members will vary. Some of the newer ships have upgraded facilities
  2. CRUISE ships are hotbeds of sex and scandal, say three crew members who have revealed the X-rated details of what really happens at sea. Emma Pietras The Sun August 16, 2017 11:33a
  3. Cruise ships may be a lot of things, but, floating hospitals they are not! If you are in relatively good health, the risks may be acceptable. That said, the idea that living on a cruise ship is an alternative to nursing care is unrealistic, at best, and dangerous, at worst
  4. CRUISE ship holidays are very popular among Britons. Often, cruises are seen as a chance to escape from everyday life and travel across the world from one place. Now, former cruise ship crew have.
  5. CRUISE holidays see hundreds to thousands of passengers and crew living on board a cruise ship for weeks at a time. A former senior officer revealed sex is one of the main activities on board.
  6. Life Below Deck 4: What Passengers Don't Know & the Cruise Lines Won't Tell Them. Former cruise ship performer and soon-to-be-lawyer Danielle Gauer returns for another inside look at the cruise industry. You can read Danielle's prior articles about life as a cruise ship dancer here and what Canadians should know about cruising here
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  1. Descriptions of a typical day onboard a cruise ship as a Bartender, Hotel Manager, Receptionist, etc. Find out what each of them do all day, every day
  2. istrator. This is and could be the worst thing that could ever happen to any person working onboard a cruise ship, said Raymond Crystal, the founder of Crew Life at Sea, a crewing service that helps seafarers find work on ships. No one in a million years would have thought this would disrupt the cruise.
  3. Life on a Cruise Ship for the Crew: Officer Phil: He has always dreamed of navigating a vessel, and now he is a Second Officer on TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff 6... Dear cruise lovers! It's time for one of our favorite topics: stories about life on a cruise ship for the crew ! Today, we are glad to tell you the story of Officer Phil! Let's go
  4. s, engineers, entertainers, vendors, officers, and anyone who works aboard or supports the cruise ship industry
  5. Life onboard a cruise ship, or ship of any kind is different than any living experience you're likely to have had on land. Because of maritime laws, regulations and a history of powerful traditions, life at sea has regulations and routines that must be followed

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  1. Cruise ship worker opens up about sex on the high seas. GUESTS experience the sun-drenched high-life above decks on cruise ships, but there's a dark world of low pay, cramped rooms and rampant.
  2. There also are job boards on the planet Wide Web that specifically list jobs that are available aboard cruise ships. Posted in Crew Life at Sea, Cruise Ships Tagged cruise ship jobs, Cruise Ships, Travel Post navigation. MSC Cruises flagship MSC Grandiosa will resume her scheduled weekly cruises
  3. One of the massive benefits of working on a cruise ship is the ability to get off the ship in the various ports you'll visit during your contract. But the weather is unpredictable, especially these days, and chances are you'll be changing climates during your 6-10 months onboard. Aside from regular casual clothing, be sure to pack the.
  4. (Transcribing for a family member who helped fit three new cruise ships in Italy and then crewed one for about nine months) The crew was basically divided in half. There was a huge group of Southeast Asians, quite a few were even family members. They mostly stuck to themselves and did a lot of the manual labor style work
  5. In addition to a variety of organized activities, there are dedicated crew facilities such as a crew-only deck with a pool and whirlpool, crew training centers, crew gym, and more. Carnival Cruise Line believes that happy, healthy, enthusiastic team members contribute greatly to a Fun Ship experience that is the hallmark of the line's success
  6. The cruise line will always offer a gym facility just for crew near the bottom of the ship. When off duty members can use the gym as much as they like but they won;t get the stunning ocean views.

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Shore excursions staff is one of the most interesting and dynamic job positions onboard a cruise ship that consists of selling, promoting, and dispatching the shore excursions offered by the cruise line. It is part of the Shore excursions department managed by the Shore excursions manager and assisted by the Assistant shore excursions manager. This department is usually small, consists of 5-15. Every major cruise ship has this, helping to keep all the ship's crew and guests safe! The crew is cruise line property In a tell all book written from the perspective of a former crew member titled Cruise Confidential, Brian David Brunes explains that when you become a crew member for a multinational cruise line, you are treated more as. Life on a Cruise Ship for the Crew: Officer Alessandro: We really love articles about life on a cruise ship for the crew ! They give us a chance to get a pick at what's going on behind the scenes, meet new people, and hear fascinating stories about their way to the dream. Dear friends, today we'd like to get acquainted with Alessandro Cinquini who really loves his job and takes advantages.

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That's what ship life is like. - too-tsunami. It's kind of like the army in terms of a rank-based system. There are generally three kinds of cruise ship workers: officers; staff members (like entertainers); and general crew (bartenders and waiters), and each group has different privileges, like being able to disembark at ports The features of a cargo ship. Though merchant navy ships may seem to be rather spartan, in reality life on board during a freighter cruise is very enjoyable. With well-appointed cabins, areas for relaxation, and even sports facilities, these ships offer a comfortable standard of living. However, for the well-being and safety of all aboard.

5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Kindle Edition. $2.99. crewshiplife:The Fourth Induction (cruise ship life Book 2) Tobias Biddick. 4.1 out of 5 stars 14. Kindle Edition. $3.99. Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member: Answers to All the Questions Every 2. If you get off the ship, follow the crew! If you ever go on a cruise, and you get off the ship and you want to know where to eat, follow the crew. The crew knows where the cheap and good food. Cruise ship crew life, can be really weird, there's no denying it. On this particular occasion I got stranded in Hamburg (not allowed to board the ship due to illness), had some awkward issues with US immigration, and witnessed a bizarre bust-up in a hotel- before I was able to board the ship in Montego Bay Cruise Ships Do Funny Things To Me- A collection of true short stories that peers through the porthole for a comical glimpse into the ship life of a cruise ship crew member. The Hull Truth: Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member (Book Two)- A behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work on a cruise ship as an art auctioneer A male crew committed suicide on CCL-Carnival Cruise Line 's ship Mardi Gras. The young man from Brazil lost his life Tuesday morning, July 27. Hours before the crew's death he was with friends onboard the ship. A mental health professional has been sent to Mardi Gras to talk with the crew and provide support after the accident

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Life On Board a Cruise Ship. Life on a cruise ship is really a unique and unforgettable experience, very difficult to compare to a land job. Few jobs offer the chance to see so many places in the world, exotic views and meet so many people from so different countries. Obviously, after such experience, you'll become a well-rounded and worldly. A cruise ship is a little like a floating village but what is life like for its full-time residents? We talk to entertainment crew Playlist Productions Cast members; long-timer Gill Lawson and newcomer Sami Vincent about their day-to-day life on board a Carnival ship Leonardo DiCaprio is already a champion for the environment, but the Oscar-winning actor became one crew member personal hero after he helped locate and rescue the man who had fallen overboard off a cruise ship.. The famous Hollywood star was on a yacht with his girlfriend Camila Morrone and friends in the Caribbean sailing near St Barts when they received a Mayday call on December 30, the.

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A cruise ship crew member will know the secret (hint: best) places in port to shop. Most importantly, they know how to get to the stores in the most efficient way possible. When in port, crew members have a limited amount of time to do some shopping before they have to be back on board In addition, life jackets may be found in the ship's lifeboats that are designated as tenders, resulting in several hundred more life jackets available beyond the SOLAS requirements. Crew members usually have specific emergency duties to retrieve extra life jackets from their storage location (or empty cabins) and distribute them as needed at a.

These code words are used by crew members to discreetly communicate with each other when things go overboard. Before anyone steps foot on the ship, cruise personnel and captains receive intensive. On cruise ships and yachts, crew members are involved in incidents and accidents on a routine basis. Because of a maritime worker's fear of losing his or her job or facing reprisal for reporting an accident, mishaps are not always reported. Even if injuries are reported, sometimes too much time elapses between the injury and the claim. Cruises also employ a huge number of crew members from all over the world, including countries without much vaccine access and where coronavirus cases have stayed high. Ship life is an. Crew life is a blast, even after work. I was totally alone on this journey. I quit my 9-to-5 job in New York City to work as an entertainment host for a major cruise line. The first few weeks were overwhelming, but I quickly adjusted to the lifestyle. The living quarters are incredibly small and have mandatory weekly inspections

On most cruise lines, the crew can be very diverse with crew members from 25 or more different countries. There are a handful of cruise ships that are flagged in the United States and hire almost all their crew from the United States. These cruise ship usually sail around Hawaii, Alaska, the Great Lakes or on US rivers Life below deck. Crew members aboard the Diamond Princess aren't afforded many of the same protections as the passengers they serve. Public health experts have said cruise ships are especially susceptible to the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 because passengers are in close, frequent contact with each other. For the crew, it's. The 70,637-gross registered ton ship has a capacity of 2,634 passengers and carries 920 crew. For most of her early sailing life, Fascination was home-ported in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sailing in. The Yachtie Glow: by Angela Orecchio. My first job at sea was on The Pride of Aloha cruise ship in Hawaii, working for Norwegian Cruise Line America. I was a waitress and worked 12 hours a day or more without a day off for six months. The ship was 850 feet, we had over 2,000 passengers per week, and approximately 800 crew Many cruise passengers think crew members have an amazing life onboard, after working on ships for eight years, I can admit that there are reasons why it is amazing

Living on board one of cruise ships is a unique way to travel while you build amazing friendships with fellow crew members. It's a new and exciting environment for most people which takes some adjustment from life on shore and we ensure that you will be supported throughout the transition A day in the life of a Crew Purser. My job title already tells you what my main task is. I am dealing with all administration for the crew members on-board. In general, all people who work on-board a cruise ship are divided into Officers, Staff and Crew. It is my responsibility to take care of everything, administration wise, for all workers on. This truth is most cruise ship employees are getting paid a lot of cash to put up with life at sea. Astonishingly, Darling discloses that many cruise ship staff members get paid about $4,000 per.

Typically the ratio of passenger to employee is 2:1. This means if a cruise ship has 3500 passengers there will be approximately 1750 staff, crew and officers aboard. The ratio varies depending on the ship and the cruise line. There are four main classifications employees: crew, staff, entertainment, and officers Mingling with guests is a no-no, so crew members have separate gyms, hair salons, laundromats, restaurants, bars, clubs, jacuzzis, swimming pools and more. The quality of these differs from ship to ship, and we'll take a look at a range of them here. Cruise Hive is an enthusiast website run by Emrys Thakkar, a longtime cruise ship employee It turns out a lot of things since cruise ship viruses are very common. When one person gets sick on a cruise ship, everyone gets sick. On a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2017, 332 people came down with norovirus after only five nights at sea The poor crew organization also caused many lifeboats to leave the ship at far less than full capacity. Plus, they only had enough boats for about a third of the people onboard. As a result, more than 1,500 people died — either on the ship or in the icy waters, waiting for help

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Seafaring is a tradition that encompasses a variety of professions and ranks. Each of these roles carries unique responsibilities that are integral to the successful operation of a seafaring vessel. A ship's crew can generally be divided into four main categories: the deck department, the engineering department, the steward's department, and other.The reasoning behind this is that a ship's. But life working on a cruise ship could be considered one of the hardest roles in the world, with 100-hour weeks, three-month stretches with no days off and wages so low that workers rely on tips When the ship is in port, many crew members take the opportunity to go ashore to tour, shop, dine, call home, etc. ACCOMMODATIONS. Your crew cabin has 1, 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, desk and chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is very tight. Crew members share cabins with one, two or three team members, depending on the entitlements

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The skills and safety course, undertaken by all crew members in every section of the cruise ship, is an eight-day course, and each year employees are sent on refresher courses of one to three days. Life aboard a cruise ship: Interviews with the crew of Celebrity Infinity. JD Lasica. San Francisco Bay Area. June 9, 2015 During Celebrity Infinity's port visit to San Francisco in late May, I was given access to six crew members to ask them questions about their daily routine, activities, inside tips, favorite ports and the like.. In this post, you will learn a little bit about Eric Hernandez. Eric worked on cruise ships as Youth Counselor, working a total of 9 contracts on 8 different ships. We will explore the job of a Youth Counselor on a Cruise Ship and what Eric thinks of his time working for Norwegian Cruise Line 12,000 crew members still on cruise ships in US waters months after COVID-19 pandemic shut cruising down. Akash Dookhun, a Celebrity Cruises crew member from Mauritius, an island nation in. Perhaps the defining moment of the cruise-ship chaos transpired on March 22, when the MS Rotterdam, a Holland America ship with 611 crew members on board, departed from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at.

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Okay, disclaimer first: I quit the ships definitively in 2005, so things may have changed somewhat but probably not that much. Everything is more, much more, intense. You work every day, weekends etc included, long hours. A day off is an almost un.. Cruise ships are designed to help passengers relax, but operating a vacation vessel is a lot of work. Staffers and crew members typically can expect to work upward of 70 hours per week, more for cooks and other restaurant workers. There is no such thing as a weekend in the life of a cruise ship employee, and there are no days off Cruise Ship Crew Member Takes Own Life During Last Voyage With Company. By Aristos Georgiou On 12/11/18 at 10:17 AM EST. The Celebrity Millennium cruise ship at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong. Cruise: Photos reveal life trapped on board luxury ship where crew 'can't clean toilets' CRUISES have either been forced to cancel their schedules or are sat idle in the middle of the ocean as. Cruise Ship - 2158/2450 Passengers - Stock No. S2349. US$275,000,000 * 965 ft / 200

Cruise ship workers are trained for pirate attacks. It's rare for pirates to take on a massive cruise ship, but it can happen, and if it does, the crew is prepared Despite Doc's womanizing on The Love Boat, there's no hanky-panky between real-life cruise ship doctors and passengers Back in the 1970s, Doc from The Love Boat was a ladies man While I wish the author had detailed more of the duties of the crew as opposed to the staff, for what it was, essentially a journal of his early adventures on a cruise ship, it was quite informative. Cruise ship workers work exceptionally hard for their money, long hours and long contracts, and he conveyed a bit of the sense of living in. Cruise Hive was established back in 2008 and among the earliest blogs in the industry. Since the start, it's been our aim to provide the latest cruise news covering all the major cruise lines More than 100,000 crew members are still on board cruise ships around the world, and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it's unclear when they will be allowed back on dry land. Now, one of.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises offers adventure and relaxation for adults and kids onboard the biggest newest ships cruising to popular travel locations around the world. Book your next cruise and discover the award-winning cruise ships taking you to the best destinations around the world Royal Caribbean International is delaying the inaugural sailing of its Odyssey of the Seas cruise ship after eight crew members tested positive for Covid-19, officials said Tuesday

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The U.S. Coast Guard conducts periodic inspections for every cruise ship sailing from our ports. These inspections focus on crew training, fire safety, proper functioning of all safety systems and lifesaving equipment. Modern cruise ships are required to have state-of-the-art electronic navigational instruments, and most ships substantially. It's been a long year for the cruise lines. Cruise ship fires, engine failures and other mishaps have dominated the travel news in 2013. We have written several hundreds of articles this year under our motto: everything the cruise lines don't want you to know. 2013 has been the year of the disabled cruise ship According to one of the crew members of the Viking Sky cruise ship, one of the newest ships of the vaunted luxury line, Viking Ocean Cruises, the last 48 hours on board will not soon be forgotten.

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