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In this video, I'll be sharing my TIFF and JPG scans with ANR glass + JPG scans with and without ANR glass. All photos are straight from the scanner. No edi.. They will incorporate anti-Newton Ring (ANR) glass plus take advantage of the variable height functionality to maximize sharpness and adapt MF Film Holders to scan smaller formats such as 35 mm, 126 and 110 formats The Film Scanning Stage now features two additional slots for use with the ANR Glass carrier, to provide more complete light gating for maximum image quality on smaller film formats. Film Scanning Kit Dimensions: 25″ x 23″ x 1″ (63.50 x 58.42 x 2.52 cm) Looking for more information on film digitization

DT Film Scanning Kit with Bonus ANR Glass Carrier. $ 6,937.00 $ 6,277.00. The DT film scanning stage comes with all five of our Film Carriers, the 35mm , 120 , 4×5 , 35mm Slide Film, and a free 8 x 10 Framed Multi-Format Anti Newton Glass Film Carrier - as well as a free PDF copy of Digitization Workflow:Transmissive Material digitization guide I'm planning on ordering some anti-Newton Ring glass to use on my flatbed scanner (Epson 4990) for 8x10 negatives. Does anyone have any advice/experience with this? Mike Sparks from Focal Point said that the standard procedure for my Epson was to place the neg emulsion-down on the scanner platen, then place the ANR glass over the top to make a sandwich The ANR is supposed to go in between the film and the main scanner glass, because the film touching the glass is what causes the rings. The top glass is just for transparency ANR glass is a defusing medium and generally is on top of the negative in a scanner. In both of my scanners, this yields a print very similar to a Diffusion Enlarger I used in wet lab work for years. Current price for a V600 scanner (120 & 35) is just at $200, or lower on special deals. The ease of the flat bed is well worth the price

There is an anti-glare glass that you can buy at framing shops that will work just as well as AN glass for scanning. Buy a piece of the regular anti-glare glass cut to the size of your scanner bed. Fluid mount a negative to the underside of the glass (clear) side, with the AN side facing up ANR Glass Scanning Questions. I've finally grown some brain cells and decided that I should really improve my scanning procedures. I have a v550 and I'm always careful about dust and use gloves when handling film or working with the scanner. But, I've been using the holders that come with the scanner for a while now and they've always been a. Place the emulsion (matte side of the film) directly on the scanning surface Place anti newton glass directly on top of the negative and close the scanner (take care when using glass not provided from the manufacturer, or that is not fitted for your scanner) Using your scanners advanced mode, pre-scan the entire scanning surfac

The 35 mm ANR Insert . An anti-Newton Ring glass insert accessory to help control arched or curled film that will not stay flat in the OEM Epson® and Canon® 35 mm film holders. For use with the Epson® original equipment (OEM) 35 mm film holders supplied with the 1680, 3200, 4490, 4870, 4990, V500, V550, V600, GT-X820, V700, V750, V750-M, GT-X900 and GT-X970 scanners as well as the Canon. There are a couple of next steps I'm taking with my film scanning: ANR glass to keep the film flat and a new camera. ANR Glass While writing this article, I've been using the film holder from my Canon 9000F Mk II flatbed scanner and taping the film to the underside of the holder, then flipping it over to get the film as flat as possible The MF Film Holderä ANR Insert is 230 mm long. Trim the ends of the soft and thin film channel to increase the length of the scanning aperture/hole. Low cost for a quality product - only $29.95! Price comparisons with other online anti-Newton Ring glass cutters showed this price to be over 20% less than other quoted prices (as of 3/17//06) 2 years ago. I've been trying to achieve better scan sharpness from my v600 when scanning 35mm film. I've compared the default negative holder, regular picture frame glass and anti newton glass in the album here. All scans were done using the same default settings at 2400 dpi with auto exposure settings from Epson scan On scanner bed poor focus, in holder better result when film flattened etc. Your last image with ANR glass does seem to have resolved more detail and although it is not clear to me the noise could be either inherent film granularity, normal scanner noise or combination with the glass you used

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  1. QUESTION: There's a line or a mark on my ScanNCut screen when I scan things. How do I fix that? ANSWER: Well, it's as easy as cleaning your scanner glass
  2. Remove the hinged 'frame trap' on the Epson scanning frame, whether it's the 35mm, medium format or 4x5 models. Thoroughly clean ANR glass surface with alcohol or butane and a cotton ball or other dust free swab material. Place ANR surface upwards on a dust free surface. Blow off surface with a source of clean compressed air (optional
  3. AND! the CCFL lighting in the scanner do tend to get warmer, so more film scanned warmer the scanner will get, this can result the negative curving or arching in the scanner tray. This is where ANR glass can be helpful
  4. Common 35mm ANR glass inserts are on Ebay, the MF is taken care of with the Better Scanning products. . .I use their carrier for MF. If & when you get tired of the 1 or 2 channels that the V800 carriers offer, the molded plastic carriers for the V700 scanner work on the 800. . .double your fun
  5. utes of adjusting per their instructions, now see a quantum jump in sharpness

The ANR Insert is never positioned between the film and the scanner's glass bed. Look down through the insert's glass to check that all edges and ends of the film are oriented so they are not obscured by the sides OR ends of the film channel. Adjust the insert's placement within the MF Film Holder'sä film channel as necessary If you have an Epson V500 V600 4990 4490 series scanner - these specially formulated glass blanks insert DIRECTLY into your existing Epson holder. NO wet mounting. No mess. See diagram below for explanation. The natural curve of the film is compressed by lowering the ANR face of this special glass directly onto it. No Newton's rings will appear Sandwiching film between two plates of ANR glass will prevent netwon rings, but will reduce the image quality. The texture of the glass is expected to cause a loss of image detail if it is between the film and the scanner lens. Using a sheet of ANR glass on only one side of the film sandwich will not fix the newton ring issue Feb 17, 2005. Shooter: Large Format. The V700/750/800/850 are designed to accept negatives or transparencies up to 8x10 - you put them directly on the glass bed rather than in dedicated plastic holders as with roll film or 4x5. There are settings in the Epson Scan software to accommodate this

Anti Newton Ring Glass. Focal Point is the largest U.S. supplier of high quality Anti-Newton and Clear Glass for the digital imaging, photographic and graphic arts industries. Our glass is hand cut, hand finished, individually inspected, then shrink wrapped to ensure that you receive the best product available No doubt : the ANR glass significantly improves the image in general ! Wayne , I'm glad you were able to try this glass on your Canon . Best. Henry PS: On EpsonScan I also did a test with a b&w negative (24x36) with glass ANR, film directly on the scanner glass. the result is like this ! Edited October 5, 2011 by Doc Henr After looking online for something to hold my negatives flat while scanning it seemed that the various companies offering ANR glass seemed very expensive for such a small piece of glass. Considering all of my money has gone on film I wasn't happy paying over £30 by the time shipping was calculated ANR Glass From ScanTech. Scanning. Close. 1. Posted by 12 days ago. ANR Glass From ScanTech. Scanning. Does anyone know how long these guys usually take to ship? I live in Canada so I understand it might take some extra time but I ordered some glass over a month ago and haven't even heard anything about tracking details, I also emailed their.

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  1. I have been looking at some of the rigs in which you tape your negative to AN glass, which is then suspended over the scanner bed so you scan through the AN glass and the negative hanging below it. How hard is it to get the tape residue off the negative? Can you scan through AN glass, i.e., could you sandwich a negative between two pieces of glass with the AN surfaces on the inside of the.
  2. Includes Film Scanning Stage, now featuring two additional slots for use with the ANR Glass carrier, to provide more complete light gating for maximum image quality on smaller film formats. Integration & Compatibilit
  3. Even my Nikon ANR glass holder leave a tiny gap between the 2 planes of glass to prevent film contact with the clear glass (contact with the ANR glass is non-issue). Dust is indeed an issue, however if got digital ICE then it becomes non-issue. otherwise clean your film and glass prior to scanning
  4. ute differences in density and color at millions of sampling points on the film, and records those differences in a digital file. I personally scan with an ANR glass holder dry on a epson 4990.
  5. e) 55mm f/2.8 macro (~$80 USD) + Olympus OM to EF adapter (~$11 USD

Feb 17, 2005. Shooter: Large Format. The V700/750/800/850 are designed to accept negatives or transparencies up to 8x10 - you put them directly on the glass bed rather than in dedicated plastic holders as with roll film or 4x5. There are settings in the Epson Scan software to accommodate this Prior to using my Fuji X-H1 for scanning my negatives, I had been using an Epson v550. I bought a 2-pack of Scan Tech ANR glass inserts for the Epson 35mm holder and a single 120 ANR glass insert for the medium format film holder. I think they worked wonderfully for reducing glare, eliminating newton rings, and for keeping the film flat

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  1. imal effect on image quality. Anti-Newton material is often used in scanners and film enlargers for scanning photography negatives etc without seeing the interference rings (Newton`s rings)
  2. Complete DT Film Scanning Kit with Bonus ANR Glass Carrier. $ 6,937.00
  3. Alternatively, you could use something like Blu-Tack to hover the film a few mm's above the scanner glass, but then you are left again with the issue of alignment and lack of flatness. A great guide I'd recommend for using a flatbed and anti-newton ring glass to scan film with the borders is available here on Youtube

TIMESTAMPS:1:33 Example-Images3:00 Figuring out the effective resolution of your scanner5:36 Google Nik-Collection7:03 Scanning your negatives9:06 Downscalin.. First, I load up the scanner with whatever size negatives I want to scan. I place them emulsion side down in the scanning tray and place the ANR glass over them. Using some archival gloves throughout this process will help you to keep fingerprints off of the ANR glass and are always good when handling your negatives anyway, so put on your tight. For me, flatbed scanning (MF) straight on the glass with ANR glass on top (to hold it flat) does the trick quicker and far better than anything else. For 35mm I have the Plustek 8100. As for the Pixl-atr, I tried it once, discovered what a huge faff it was, then sold it. But DSLR scanning just isn't for me

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Part I of a multi-part video covering my film scanning and editing workflow. This part covers activities up to, and including, placing the negatives into th.. The ANR glass is above the negative on the other side of the scanner's lens. It's purpose is to keep the negative flat. Only light from the scanner's cover is shone through the glass then through the negative for the image to be captured. The negative image doesn;t go through the ANR glass

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Film Scanning DT Film Scanning Kit with Bonus ANR Glass Carrier $ 6,937.00. Add to cart. Quick View. Film Scanning DT FPS Adv. 35mm Slide Film Carrier Holds 6 slides with Clips $ 658.00. Add to cart. Search for: Cart. Browse. DT Exclusive Accessories (4) Uncategorized (0) Phase One Backs, Bodies and Lenses (29 The film was placed directly onto the light pad (emulsion side down) with the anti-newton glass on top to keep it from curling. If you already own the Better Scanning 120 ANR glass, that will work the same.I then mounted the camera to the tripod and pointed it directly down at the film as low as I could

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I use ANR glass to ensure perfect film flatness. Scan done with a medium format scanner dedicated to 120 film. The negative was slightly curved, the edges are sharp, not the center The AN or ANR (Anti Newton ring) surface on one side of the glass ensure that no such thing as Newton rings would show up in your scanned photos. It is incredibly easy to load the film-holder, just place the film in the holder and put the AN glass on top (the slightly glossy side against the film) Most likely another reason why the scanner does not focus directly above the glass, but a few militmeters higher. ANR glass. Taking all of the above into account, the best solution (for me) so far seems to be using ANR (Anti Newton Ring) glass - which serves three purposes: The ANR glass prevents Newton Rings - or at least 99% of the time Location: T3A5V4. Shooter: Multi Format. I placed an order 2 weeks ago and his site said an email would be sent to me in 1 business day with payment info. I'm still waiting. After about a week in I sent him a what's up email, still no answer. Anyone have any other ways of contacting him?? I REALLY need some ANR glass for scanning 35mm negs.

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  1. If the film is curved, I place the curve up and flatten it with the ANR glass. It greatly improves the scan quality. Finally, I use SilverFast SE as the scanning software, using their NegaFix profiles to get the best scan. It is easier to correct in the scan than to correct afterwards
  2. To scan without Newton Rings we are going to take advantage of the features of the AN glass and the Nikon holder. First step is to find the AN side of the glass and lay the glass down with the AN.
  3. ated glass, tempered glass or insulated glass. It can also be used for the inspecting of acid-etched or sand blasted glass, and of mirrors or one-sided colored panes
  4. imize end frames for printing.) Better Scanning has a 4 frame holder, which includes some T-Lock cross clips that hold down the frames, with an optional ANR glass plate. The holder is about 100 USD. Do they make good.
  5. Before we look at setup, let's look at what we can hope to gain by using a DSLR to scan our color film negatives. These are just a few of the advantages that we hope to gain by switching or improving our DSLR scanning setup. 1. DSLR Film Scanning is literally 100x FASTER than a traditional scanner

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  1. For your consideration is a lightly used Epson v600 Scanner! Bought new, with all original accessories included: 35mm and 120 film masks, document insert, and all original cords. Additional accessories include a nylon dust cover from DigitalDeckCovers, and ANR glass inserts for scanning film (2x 35mm and 1x 120)
  2. Hey all. I'm assembling a DSLR scanning rig using a light pad and tripod, and would like some advice. I want to have the option of including film borders in my scans, and I don't know of any film holders that allow this for medium format (Digitaliza holder does this only for 35mm), so I was thinking of sandwiching the film (emulsion side up) between two sheets of anti-newton ring glass
  3. The adapter gave me better results than putting the negative directly on the scanner surface with ANR glass over it. It would be possible to build one's own holder from thin cardboard with slots cut, or from poster paper with some kind of edge weights, but it's probably not worth the time. This holder helped me scan some old family photo negatives
  4. 2 product ratings - HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Printer Glass Scanner Bed & Plastic Trim Clean Great! C $29.03. From United States. Buy It Now +C $18.00 shipping. F D S p o n 7 4 s H o r 2 e N d I B T V. HP OFFICEJET 7310 7410 SCANNER GLASS AND FRAME 4x5 Holder Or Film Guide With ANR Glass! Brand New. C $49.24. Top Rated Seller Top Rated.
  5. CURRENT SHIPPING STATUS: NORMALGenuine Scan Tech™ Anti Newton Ring (ANR) Precision glass sheets for Epson V500, V600, 4490 and 4990 and related Scanners. (this includes V550, V650, 4495 and related models) HEALTH NOTE: We have developed a procedure to ensure your package is sterile upon shipment
  6. 2 product ratings - Epson Perfection 4990 & 4870 - 35mm Negative Holder ANTI NEWTON RING GLASS ANR. $262.99. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 34 watchers. S p o n s T B o r 8 e d A J A 9 M A 8 F. Watch. 1PC For V800 4990 V700 750 GT-X980 Anti-Newton ring glass clip film scanning. 5*5 transparent anti-Newton ring glass set, film scanning, copying.
  7. I have the older Perfection 4490 scanner so it doesn't use the flatbed for scanning negs but uses the scanner that's built into the lid. I'm wondering then, if I get some ANR glass will I need to use shims to lift the ANR glass off the scanner glass

DT Film Scanning Kit. The DT Film Scanning Kit was built to digitize and preserve film of all varieties. The basic kit includes carriers for 35mm, 120, and 4×5 film formats, and an optional glass carrier is available for sizes up to 8×10. This system is extremely durable and manually adjusted to ensure conservation-friendly object handling The ANR glass sometimes produced strange artifacts and seems to increase the noise in the scans, especially for 35mm film. Also, I feel that the dynamic range of the scanner is not capable of capturing the full dynamic range of the film. Because I am frustrated with the inferior quality of my scans, I would like to give scanning with a DSLR. Re: ANR glass for scanning? Post. by P C Headland » Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:53 am. Go down to the local framing shop and get some anti-reflective glass cut to fit in the channels of the existing holders. Most of the time I can just lay the glass on top of the film strip, by laying the film so it curls up at the edges

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6×7 negative scanned on an Epson V700 with what people shorten to ANR - anti newton ring glass. Without the anti newton ring glass I had scanned this neg previously (with the V700) and it was newton ring heaven, or hell for that matter. Newton rings are very irritating patterns that appear on glass scanners Holds the film very flat with a piece of ANR glass on top and lets you scan a strip of three 6x6, or two 6x9 at once which is more than can be said for the stock one. Post Reply Preview. Jay Frozen Moments Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Jay Frozen Moments Photography (member) 9 years ago.

The ANR glass though (Anti-newton-ring which you can see in post #6, shot 2) is fab. I scan all my 120 straight on the glass with the ANR glass on top of it. I also scan my 35mm when I want the sprocket holes in the shot under the same piece of glass. Nick Carver did some great videos which you could link appropriately My testing consisted of scanning a frame with the v500 and leaving it at the Epson Scan defaults. Then I found my light table, grabbed my Epson film holder (no need for ANR glass for DSLR scanning, i think), and a tripod. Then I shot that frame using my Sony RX100 III and my wife's Nikon D610 at various apertures and focal lengths I scan 4X5 B&W negs. with the V800 and have the same problem with dust on the ANR glass - yes, it is plastic and a real pain. I finally decided to do away with the glass. I used an exacto knife and cut the glass (plastic) out along the inner edges of the film holder frame Anyone have any tips or tutorials that consistently outputted successful scans without Newton Rings? I do have two sets of ANR glass as well. I've tried different combinations including layering the film between the ANR glasses, putting a single ANR on top of the bed sandwiching the film, etc. Getting mixed results. Jun 30, 2021 at 12:25 P Epson v700 with betterscanning.com MF adapter and 2x ANR glass. Scanning is a pain but those betterscanning.com accessories make it a lot easier. I'd still like to try a Nikon 9000ED though..

My Film holder for my Epson 4990 does not fit the ANR glass I got from Scan-Tek, Inc. I may get a 120 holder for a V500 or V600 that the glass does fit. I presume they will fit my 4990. Thanks for any tips! I don't have any of their products, but I understand that they are good. I would like to buy one of their negative holders for my Canoscan. The DT ANR Glass Film Carrier is the culmination of years of research into different glasses, coatings, and machining methods designed to eliminate Newton Rings when digitizing film under glass. With the advanced, ultra-fine glass coating formulation used, image sharpness and grain rendition is far superior to legacy scanner glass or drums at high PPI, and the need for wet-mounting is. No film holders, but I planned on using betterscanning anyway and still have ANR glass insert from my last scanner. And it might not be too tough to have a custom piece of glass cut for only 20-30 plus the time to replace it. And who knows, it might not even need replacing. I just wanted to make sure this was an option in case I do decide to. BetterScanning.com makes custom film holders for Agfa, Canon, Epson,and Microtek scanners. Specifically, film is mounted to the ANR glass (Anti- Newton Ring) of the Variable Height Mounting Station wet OR dry, and the position of the film/holder is perfectly fine-tuned to each individual scanner for optimized and highest quality scans So my suggestion is to go to a frame store locally, and pay to have some ANR glass cut into the size of the v700 holder from better scanning. Then adjust the height of the holder. You should then know for sure how sharp the v700 actually is with medium format film

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BetterScanning.com makes custom film holders for Agfa, Canon, Epson,and Microtek scanners. Specifically, film is mounted to the ANR glass (Anti- Newton Ring) of the Variable Height Mounting Station wet OR dry, and the position of the film/holder is perfectly fine-tuned to each individual scanner for optimized and highest quality scans. For comparison, my film i Seller: hi*tech*glass ️ (1,658) 98.6%, Location: Los Angeles, California, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 173622372569 SCAN TECH™ ANTI NEWTON RING ANR OPTICAL GLASS™ 8x10 and 8.5x10.5 blanks . CURRENT SHIPPING STATUS: 48 hoursGenuine Scan Tech™ Anti Newton Ring (ANR) Precision glass sheets for Epson and other scanners. including V700 V800 V550 etc - works with ANY flatbed scanner Up for sale are all four holders for the Epson Perfection V850. Use these holders for 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, 120s and 4x5 film! These are true Epson parts and are NOT knock offs! Three of these holders come with installed ANR Glass! The ANR glass is installed by Epson and NOT by a third..

There is an Epson 120 film holder with ANR glass, but it seems to be a rare beast and it took me a long while to find one. This takes 1 strip of negs and has both the white squares and the spacer feet adjusters, so it seems to be the genuine item for the V700, V750, V800 & V850 All you need is some Kami scanning fluid and some .004 Mylar overlay material. Look for DuPont C-42 4 mil. It's a little messy but it will do the trick. You put a little fluid on the glass the put your film down, then more fluid on top, then the Mylar for the full sandwich, taping the edges to keep the fluid in The V750 comes with an auxilliary glass tray for wet mounting. The tray has raised edges to contain the fluid. I found that the ideal focus on my V750 is on the top surface of the wet mounting tray. After using volatile Kami fluid for a while, I switched to using a sheet of ANR glass to hold the negative flat. I'm scanning HP-5+ 4x5 and 5x7. Good idea about ANR glass. Hope I can find some. Yes, Newton's Rings are an issue. Tried a few things back in the day, including mounting fluid and plastic sheets that were supposed to function like ANR glass

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While many forum posts debate which film mounting technique (wet/fluid mount vs. anti-newton ring (ANR) glass holders vs. straight film vs. OEM or 3rd party betterscanning.com holders), scanning software, and software settings, etc is best - I think much of that does ultimately come up to personal preference and experience, the scanner and film For the best results, you could go with ANR glass holders, which would leave the film unmounted, with direct contact with the scanner surface, thus offering the best scan result. Once you have everything set up, first use the compressed air can to blow over the film. This is the first step so as to not scratch the film with dust particles, even. And they lift the negatives just the right amount off the scanner glass to achieve perfect focus (your mileage may vary). I find that I no longer need to use ANR (anti-Newton ring) glass to scan curled 35mm negatives. Read more. Report abuse. See all reviews. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1

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Genuine Scan Tech ™ Anti Newton Ring (ANR) Precision glass sheets for Epson V500, V600, 4490 and 4990 and related Scanners. (this includes V550, V650, 4495 and related models) HEALTH NOTE: We have developed a procedure to ensure your package is sterile upon shipment. Current Shipping Status: on time In theory, the weight of the glass insert is all that would be needed to crush the curl on a negative and force it to lay flat for scanning. However, once I received my insert and set it on top of the first of my curled negatives, it became quickly apparent that its mass wasn't great enough to defeat the intensity of my film's curl The ANR glass from betterscanning works for me. Maybe I'm not demanding enough, or perhaps I'm not enough of a perfectionist. But I'm happy with my scan results in both 135 and 120 formats. My photography skills could use boatloads of improvement, while my film scans are good enough for 11x14 prints The ANR glass is installed by Epson and NOT by a third party! When you have multiple holders, you can load the second holder while your scanner is working!!Epson Perfection V850 - 35mm Film Holder Film Guide With ANR Glass! Specifications. Brand: Epson. Manufacturer Part Number: 1750249. Manufacturer NO wet mounting. See diagram below for explanation. The natural curve of the film is compressed by lowering the ANR face of this special glass directly onto it. No Newton's rings will appear. No longer will you ever have problems with focus

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Our 4x5 Film Holder Scanning Kit includes: * Pro Mount MK2 * 4x5 Film Holder * 2x sheets of 4.25x5.25 micro etched acrylic or ANR glass (glass on backorder) Note: ANR glass on indefinite backorder. Please select acrylic for now Up for sale are NEW brownie holders for the Epson Perfection V850. This holder will hold 120, 220 & 620 size film! This is an true Epson part and is NOT a knock off! The cover that is on the underside of the holder IS INCLUDED with your purchase. This holder comes with installed ANR Glass! The ANR glass is installed by Epson and NOT by a third party Epson 35mm film strip holder for V800/V850/V700/V750. film strip holder with glass, height adjustable. Details. Art.No.: 1726. Delivery time: Please visit our new shop for details Film Carrier 35mm Hood for Film Carrier MK1/35MD. 69.00. This camera scanning hood securely mounts onto your Film Carrier MK1 (with or without 35MD motor drive unit) and reduces glare when scanning in well lit rooms, helping to reduce ambient light glare/bleed. Works with Film Carrier MK1 or 35MD and includes extension ring for lens hood 8x10 interchangeable ANR glass surface utilizes two sheets of glass to keep film perfectly flat. Interchangeable inserts to utilize our Film Carrier MK1, Film Carrier 120, and more as a cohesive system. Magnetic clamps to facilitate quickly changing from one format to another, and additionally encourage ANR glass to keep film fla

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Others allow you to scan items through a document feeder which keeps papers moving for quick, on-the-go projects. Portable scanners help you keep up with all scanning needs as you travel. Negative film scanners go even further, transferring photo-quality negatives and slides to a digital format. Scanner technology is not just for scanning images Epson Perfection V600 - Slide 35mm Negative Film Holder. $23.99. Epson Perfection V850 - 120, 220 or 620 Holder Or Film Guide With ANR Glass! $44.99. Epson Perfection V600 - 120, 220, 620 Holder - Film Guide. $31.99. Epson Perfection V700 - Slide Holder Or Film Guide. $32.99 The flattest results I've had have been under ANR glass with a flatbed. When I was DSLR scanning on an LED light table, I used four coins to hold down each corner of the frame I was digitalising which delivered results just as good as the film holder. Touching negatives with anything other than cotton gloves though will make some people squirm.. I have a Epson V700 scanner with which I used to scan 6x6 transparencies and 6x6 BW negatives ten years or so ago (using XP windows). I haven't touched the scanner for now maybe good 6-7ish years. I am now thinking about shooting films again occasionally for pure pleasure. (Everybody deserves som.. They also offer an ANR top glass (for problem film only) for $55, but they don't have a description for what it actually is. Update: I contacted FilmScanUSA.net and they said, Don't buy the ANR glass. It will not help images from low cost (v500) scanner. So, three questions: Does Epson Scan or VueScan support batch processing with APS film