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TRG-4L60E-HD2. The Transgo 4L60E-HD2 is meant for crisp muscle car or full race shift performance. It puts the driver in command as it will holds 1st, 2nd, 3rd to any speed. In addition, it allows backshifts to 3rd, 2nd & 1st by moving the lever. This is a strong shift kit that will deliver impressive performance Stage 4 is basically 3 but full manual. I've got a Stage 2 box which hits gears relatively strong. I've been in a car with a Stage 3 and it's almost too snappy. There are also variable shift kits that shift like normal in D, but when you use the gears it hammers them in 4L60E Rebuild Kit. CALL 800-708-0087, Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm EST. 4L60E Mega Monster In A Box. 4L60E SS Mega Monster In A Box. The Monster-In-A-Box transmission rebuild kit for the 4L60E is available for GM vehicles. This kit comes with all the parts you need to make your transmission run like a Monster

4L60E CLUTCH MODULE. STAGE-1 RED 3-4 PACK F ITS 1987-UP 700R4 AND 4L60E. COMES WITH 8 3-4 FRICTIONS TO MAXIMIZE THE 3-4 CAPACITYRaybestos Stage-1 performance frictions are an affordable solution for performance applications that may not require the capacity of the gen2™ Blue Plate Special®, but do require a friction plate that can handle the demands that a stock tan or high energy plate cannot NEW Transgo 4L60E-HD2 shift kit. For the 1993-2007 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L75E Automatic Transmission. This kit gives crisp muscle car shifts in all gears and will work in vehicles from street to full-race. With this kit you'll be able to hold 1st, 2nd, & 3rd to any RPM. You will also be able to downshift at any RPM Buy the selected items together. This item: 4L60E 4x4 Stage 2 - Heavy Duty, Tow, Haul, Four Wheel Drive, 500 HP $1,799.00. Ships from and sold by Patriot Transmission & Performance. 700R4 4L60 4L60E 4L65E Valve Body Check Balls - Set of 10 GM .250 $12.50. In Stock TransGo Performance 4L60E-3 - TransGo Performance Shift Kits Shift Kit, Stick Type, GM, 4L60E 1993-2005, Competition, Off-Road, Pro-Street, Each Part Number: TRG-4L60E- Thank you for the excellent 4L60E that I got. It''s got a stage 2 shift and I''m putting it in my 1969 Camaro. It has been performing excellent. I have owned it for almost 2 years now. I am looking forward to ordering my next transmission for my ''68 Camaro. It''s going to be basically a super sport RS with a 700R4.I can''t wait to get it

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  1. Choose items to buy together. This item: 4L60E Transmission Level 2 High Performance Rebuild Kit 1997-2003. $403.92. In Stock. Sold by Remco Transmission Parts and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Lubegard 19260 Dr. Tranny Assemblee Goo, Blue, Light Tack Lubricant, 16 oz. $8.99. In Stock
  2. Buy the selected items together. This item: B&M 70360 Shift Improver Kit for Automatic Transmissions $56.84. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping. Details. 4L60E Transmission Rebuild Kit Heavy Duty Master Kit with 3-4 Power-pack $265.00. In Stock. Ships from and sold by World Wide Parts Outlet
  3. ATSG 4L60E /4L65E Update Handbook GM THM Transmission Update Repair Manual (4L60E Transmission Rebuild Kit - 4L60E Shift Kit 4L60E Valve Body - Best Repair Book Available!) 4.5 out of 5 stars 202 3 offers from $39.0
  4. This video breaks down how to transform a 4L60E, 4L65E or 4L70E into a top-tier performance transmission with Sonnax Level 3 build components. Many parts also are found in Sonnax heavy-duty and Level 1 and Level 2 performance builds, so no matter what power level you're running at, it's a great way to understand the options when upgrading 4L60.
  5. Sonnax Sure Cure kit SC-4L60E is a comprehensive reconditioning package for GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E and 4L70-E PWM units featuring the best Sonnax products developed to help rebuilders restore and enhance transmission performance. Sure Cure components are the same Sonnax parts sold individually to resolve common valve body complaints as well as other.
  6. The B&M® Shift Improver kits™ feature two options to recalibrating your 1982-1993 GM TH700R4/4L60 automatic transmissions. First is the HEAVY DUTY set-up, giving you firm positive shifts without loss of driver comfort for improved performance in all street vehicles. This is a great option for performance street driving or towing. The second is our STREET/STRIP set-up. Be warned, this will.
  7. These 4L60E/4L65E transmission rebuild kits come standard with Stage-1 red plate frictions and are loaded with high performance upgrades that will make your 4L60E or 4L65E transmission bulletproof and be the best on the track or the truck pull

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  1. LEVEL 2 - PRO RACE 4L60E supports up to 700HP. Although most shift kits have certain distinct advantages, what we have learned is no one kit has all the best modifications some parts we liked, others we didn't. We took the best parts of each, and utilizing our own experience, created a set of modifications that is superior to all.
  2. ed speed no matter what gear you are in
  3. Transgo GM 4L60E Shift Kit Stage 2 High Performance 4L65E 4L70E 4L75E Transmission. $136.38. Sonnax 700R4 Overdrive Billet Super-Hold Servo 4L60E 4L60-E 4L65E Automatic Transmission OD. $100.03. Sonnax GM 700R4 Transmission Pinless 1-2 & 3-4 Accumulator Piston TH2004R 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E

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  1. A set of 8 RAYBESTOS STAGE 1 PERFORMANCE clutches with new Raybestos steel plates for High Impact Durability and Super Hold on the 2-3 shift. PerformaBuilt custom shift kit, LEVEL 2 - PRO RACE 4L60E supports up to 700HP.
  2. ate, the 4L60EMega Monster transmission is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 500 horsepower (450 torque) with a naturally aspirated system using pump gasoline. Price
  3. B&M Shift kit - Holden Commodore VR-VZ T700/4L60E Transmission V6/V8 - STG 1 & 2 . The B&M Shift Improver Kit the easiest way to get the stout performance you've always wanted out of your automatic transmission - and you get two modes of performance to select from: Heavy Duty, or Street/Strip
  4. Members Ride. ---. if youre considering buying a transgo stage 2 shift kit im selling one. its brand new still in the box, also comes with a corvette 1-2 servo and an accumulator piston repair kit. its all brand new still in the box, am selling because i need the money and im too lazy to fit it. it cost me $290 including postage, im after $235.
  5. 1: reinforced sleeve kit and billet forward piston. 2: billet super hold servos for 2nd and 4th with 20% & 40% more than corvette servo, 3: sonnax bolt together input housing (much stronger and will hold 9-12 3/4 clutches) 4: transco stage 2 shift kit with 1st gear hold at any rpm, 5: sonnax smart tech roller drive shell
  6. SKU: 4l60E-4L65-70-StgII-Transmission-Build-up. $2359.00 All ex.'97up Corvette. $2449.00 '97up Corvette. For vehicles up to 500 r.w.h.p. Complete tranny rebuild inculding the following Stage II Upgrades: Transgo 4L60E-HD2 Shift Kit (including Century's internal modifications) HP 3rd clutch piston Return Spring Kit

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Email this page to a friend. 4L60E Transmission Shift Kit By Transgo U.S.A. Now Fits 1993 to 2010 Except Hybrid Applications. This Kit Delivers Mild Performance While Eliminating Common Issues. This includes all the below Transmission models: 4L60E / 4L60-E / 4L60 / 4L-60E / M30 1993 Up. 4L65E / 4L65-E / 4L65 / 4L-65E / M32 1999 Up 4L60E 2WD 4L60E 4X4. 4L60E Converter. None Extreme 12 Custom (Add $350.00) Extreme 12 1/2 Custom (Add $399.99) Extreme 10 Pro (Add $850.00) 4L60E Pan. Stock Deep Deep Cast Aluminum (Add $215.00) Click photo to enlarge. The EXtreme Automatics™ Stage 2 4L60E includes: Media Blasted & Race Prepped Case. EA Super Pump Assembly

Level 3 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E (Rated up to 650HP) !!! Mad Dog shift kit, and Raybestos 15 clutch Z-pak which is top of the line and can take tons of horse power and torque (replaces factory 5 clutches in the 3-4 drum), all Raybestos high temp high energy clutches through out the rest of the unit, all new steels, band, bushings, and rings.. T700 4L60E B&M Shift Improver Kit VN TO VZ commodore - eBay Other Performance Parts, Performance Parts, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 21-Jun-09 10:18:18 AEST) Jun 16, 200 The shift from first to second was drawn out and I read it could be due to the 1-2 accumulator piston since it's plastic. I dropped the pan, pulled the accumulator and the piston looked fine, but you could see some wear on the shaft. I ordered the Sonnax kit (77998-03K) from Summit and tried to install it today Re: 4L60E Hard 1-2 Shift, before I start throwing $ and part Sep 26 2018, 12:29am Shift kit went in with the rebuild, along with metal accumulators, a new separator plate, the corvette servo, a new sun hub (or something) and some other upgraded doodads

made by transgo,suites 4l60e,4l65 4 speed, vr to ve stage 1-2-hp, suits v6 and v8 shift kit,comes with instructions ,registered post $17 to all australia states . check out my store for standed & high performance rebuild kits to suit these,service kits ,coolers,and other auto trans part 4L60E high-performance Rebuild Kit. ALL YEARS 1993-2003. COMES WITH CRUCIAL, NECESSARY UPGRADES FOR ANY 4L60E INCLUDING. THE BEAST SUNSHELL. CORVETTE SERVO PISTON. SONNAX INPUT DRUM SUPPORT SLEEVE. WE RECOMMEND THIS FOR ANY REBUILD, STOCK OR high-performance. KIT COMES WITH: Complete Reybestos Friction Module General Motors 4L60E Transmission shift quality upgrades There's a ton of 4l60E shift kits on the market out there and all kinds of different results and costs. here we will give you some simple and inexpensive or just free upgrades you can do to improve the shift characteristics of your 4L60E transmission. these are not race car upgrades but ones that will work for your truck or street hot. This is a very basic kit for those wanting to purchase additional parts separately. Includes only the following from Deluxe Super Kit above:!. Overhaul Package 2. Filter 3. Band 4. 3/4 Clutch Piston 5. Pump Bushing (2) 6. 3/4 High Energy Clutch Plates and Steels 7. Shift Solenoids (2

700R4 TORQUE CONVERTER MegaRaptor-2 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R 10 1/2 Inch Billet Converter $ 795.00 Select options; 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E Transmission Level 5 4L60E Extreme Raptor 4L75E + $ 5768.00 Select options; 4L60E Performance Alto Red Eagle Master Rebuild Kit. High Performance 3-4 Red Eagle Power Pack $ 349.00 Add to car Stage 3: is for that Saturday night special. Be warned stage 3 shift is very violent; Installations are available on all our transmissions. These transmissions are a direct replacement for your GM vehicle. No modifications or custom tuning necessary. The 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E is a true, 4-speed overdrive transmission There is a small allen screw on the back of the solenoid that sets the overall pressure range for the solenoid. CCW will reduce the pressure range, while CW will increase it. You don't need much - 1/4 turn is a LOT. For guys who think their 60E shifts too soft even with a shift kit, give this one 1/8-1/4 turn CW - you will be amaze

The main parts you will need is a Transgo stage 2 shift kit, the monster sunshell, rebuilt converter, steel reinforcement ring in imput drum, new sprags (hd in bottom), Billet Servo- not required, x wide red band, new filter, 5 pinion planets (add cost and not as important), coated teflon bushings. After investing this amount of funds on parts. Ultimate Master Racing '93-'06 GM 4L60E (SBC/4.3L, LT1, LS-Series, 2WD/4WD) Overhaul Kit. SKU 379115. $411.95. Shop Now. Wish List Compare. Racing '93-'06 GM 4L60E (SBC/4.3L, LT1, LS-Series, 4x4) Overhaul Kit. SKU 378710. $83.95. Shop Now

Heavy Duty Reaction Shaft Kit . SRT STAGE V 4L60E. 8 Wide Clutch 3/4 Stack-Up with High Energy Wide 3/4 Frictions / Full Thickness Steels; TransGo HD-2 Shift Kit Installed; TransGo 0.500″ Boost Valve Kit Installed; Alto Wide Carbon Lined Power Band; Sonnax SmartShell, Heavy Duty Reaction Shell Kit; TransGo Unbreakable Hardened Pump Vane Ring Kit 4L60E/4L65E Rebuild Kit Options; GM 4L60E Hardware Torque Specifcations; 4L60E Filter Style Guide; 4L80E Hardware Torque Specifications; Marine Transmission Information . Velvet Drive 71C/72C Torque Spec The 4L60-E (and similar 4L65-E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. It is an evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4, originally produced in 1982. The transmissions are differentiated by the 6 or 7 bolt bell housings. 4L60 uses a 6.5 depth bell and 4L65/70 uses a 7 depth bell . They also have different input shafts and. 4l60e 2-3 shift flare. Jump to Latest Follow Sierras, and other full size trucks performance, modifications, suspension, lift kits, tires, maintenance, and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums. Lifted Suspension & Offroad Member Trucks Exterior Street Suspension Engine & Performance. Recommended Communities

4L60E Transmission with Torque Converter - Level 4. Email this page to a friend. Raybestos Stage 1 Frictions and Steels High Energy Wide Bands 2 Transgo Recalibration Shift Kits with Shift Command Original Equipment Style Filter New Internal Wiring Harness with TCC Solenoid New Shift Solenoids New EPC Solenoid New PWM Solenoid New 3/2 Control. Programmable Transmission Controllers GM 4L60e / 4L80e Ford BTR 4 Speed Nissan / Jatco RE4 Photo Gallery. Facebook Page. Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons. I've been working on this with Simon on getting the ZF transbraking, using the standard tcm (ie no external trans ecu). Shift Kit Install and Testing (+ Hidden Switch. Base: $3,095.00 Configured: $3,095.00. This LEVEL IV 4L60E/4L65E/4L70E automatic transmission is recommended for cars up to 500 RWHP. NOTES: You must send a core transmission to RPM within 30 days before your new transmission will be sent. FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM WITHIN THE CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES So I have a 2 month old remaned 97 4l60E stage 2 build in a yukon 4x4. I drive it from Tampa to WNC . No problems untill 2 weeks later it started to 2-3 bang shift. As it starts to shift at about 3k rpm, its like the going into nuetral, then bam it hits third gear. So the tech in Tampa says to back off on pressure servo 1/4 turn. Done with. What is a Shift Kit? Today's customers demand a transmission which shifts smoothly, is durable, and delivers excellent fuel economy all at the same time. To accomplish these benefits we would install what is known as an automatic transmission shift kit, which is probably one of the most misunderstood upgrades in the automotive world

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Luis is in the studio to go over the Shift Reprogramming Kit for a 4L60E transmission. Installing this kit will help to firm up the shift in your transmissio.. 4L60E Transmission. The 4L60E transmission is a 4-speed GM automatic transmission designed for rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive V6 and V8 cars, trucks, and SUVs. The 4L60E transmission is found in the S-10, Silverado, Suburban, Sierra, and Yukon. A 4L60E performance transmission version is found in the Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, and GTO Our stage 1 4L80E is adequate for the majority of street rods with 550 hp. If you need a stronger unit then you may need our stage 2. This transmission comes is capable of handling that 750 hp engine. Finally we have our stage 3, this is our strongest 4L85E transmission available. We use the 4L85E term from the GM naming convention GM Automatic Overdrive Transmissions Shift Kit Guide. Several companies offer shift kits for the 4L60 transmissions; however, installing a shift kit can be a detailed and complicated process. Shift kits are designed to reprogram the shifting of the transmission. They do so by controlling the flow rate, pressure, and timing to the various. TransGo 4L60E HD2-C (version C) Shift Kit instructions for 1995 Chevy Caprice/Impala or Buick Roadmaster 4L60E. Things you'll need if doing it in car: 1. Snapring pliers (the pointy kind) 2. 15mm deepwell socket (if drooping transmission) 3. 13mm socket 4. 11mm or 7/16 socket or box-end wrench if removing driveshaft 5. 10mm socket - QUALITY!!

Provides Crisp Shifts! The Shift Improver Kit is the least expensive and simplest to install transmission performance kit. The transmission pan is removed and the valve body is taken out. The stock separator plate is replaced with the special B&M plate, reinstall the valve body, filter and pan and your done! In some cases other minor modifications may also be made Complete 700R4, 4L60E & LS4L60E transmissions are available from Heavy Duty to Pro Street Elite and come with a 2 year warranty. You can call me most anytime, including evenings and weekends with any questions call or text me at 909 435-5360 or call 909 795-1876. E-mail dana@probuiltautomatics.com By the way, I have complete kits for E4OD. 2006-2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS 6.0L 4X4. 2008-2009 SAAB 9-7x 6.0L 4X4. Upgrade Details. SRT STAGE I 4L70E. 7 Clutch 3/4 Stack-Up with Raybestos GPZ High Energy 3/4 Frictions / Full Thickness Kolene Steels. TransGo (SK-4L60E) Shift Kit Installed

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SOLENOID & WIRE HARNESS KIT. 7-PIECE KIT. AFTERMARKET. FITS ALL '96-'02 4L60E 4-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS (WITH 16 BOLT PAN) FITS 4L60E EQUIPPED CHEVY CADILLAC BUICK GMC PONTIAC: BUICK ROADMASTER '96. CADILLAC ESCALADE '99-'02 5.3L 5.7L 6.0L. CADILLAC FLEETWOOD/BROUGHAM/LIMO '96 5.7L. CHEVY ASTRO & GMC SAFARI '96-'02 4.3L Installing a B&M Shift kit in a TH700 stage 2 also very similar to a 700r4 I install it and share the results with you.Check out my websitehttps://www.craze.. 2. D4 oil from the 1-2 shift valve is routed through the 2-3 shift valve to the 3-4 clutch and servo release. This upshifts the transmission into 3rd gear. 3. 3-4 signal oil is supplied to the 3-4 shift valve. 3-4 signal oil to the 3-4 shift valve is delivered between lands 1 and 2 of the 3-4 shift valve. Because land one is ground flat, oil. GM Chevy Pontiac 700R4 4L60 4L60E Transmission Raybestos Stage 1 Red Deluxe Level 2 Rebuild Kit 1993-1996 This transmission rebuild kit includes the Raybestos Stage 1 Red Friction Plates, Kolene Steel Plates, Sealing Rings, Metal Clad Seals, Gaskets, O-rings, Rubber Piston Seals, 3-4 Bonded Piston, Filter, Band, & Bushing Kit + Torrington Bearing Kit, Washer Kit, 10 Vane Pump Kit, Corvette. GM 4L60E Transmission Raybestos Stage 1 Red Less Steel Level 2 Rebuild Kit 1993-1996 This transmission rebuild kit includes the Raybestos Stage 1 Red Friction Plates, Sealing Rings, Metal Clad Seals, Gaskets, O-rings & Rubber Piston Seals 3-4 Bonded Piston + Filter, Band, Pump Bushing, and Extension Housing Bushing. This Transmission Kit is one we sell everyday to Transmission Shops, it fits.

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B&M Transpak Kit 1966-1977 Chrysler TF A727/A904. $126.95. Ships Tomorrow. Lowest Price Guarantee. Transpak Automatic Transmission Shift Kit. 1966-1977 Chrysler Torqueflite A727/A904. Includes Gaskets, Drill Bits, Seals, Retaining Ring, Brass Plug, and Shift Valve. View Details. $126.95 The Muscle Car Kit will include a Stage 2 4L80E built with a mechanical speedo tailhousing for simple hookup to the existing cable speedo, a US Shift 80 Transmission Controller, Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) kit for Holley carbs, and a billet cover lockup converter

TransGo SK 4L60E Shift Kit to suit Commodore VR, VS, VT, VE 4L60E and 4L65E Transmission - 1993-On - Stage 1 $ 82.00 inc. GS 4L60E Transmission with Torque Converter - Level 3. $3,995.00. 500 Horsepower. 2600-3600 Stall. Up to 500 ft-lbs Torque. Includes Torque Converter. Available as 4X4. CORE CHARGE: $450. ATF: $100 stage 2 shift kit. in Australia. TURBO 400 TRANSMISSION, AUTO, STAGE 2. FROM $1950 TO REBUILD YOUR TRANSMISSION BUILT BY TJW FABRICATIONS TRANSMISSION SPECIALIST THIS IS A FULLY RECONDITIONED TURBO 400 TRANSMISSION WHICH IS IDEAL FOR A MILD STREET CAR THE TRANSMISSION HAS THE FOLLOWING: ALL NEW SEALS, GASKETS AND TEFLON RINGS, NEW THRUST KIT. Time left:2d 15h 26m. 4L60E Transmission Heavy Duty HEG Master Kit Stage 3 2004-UP. $165.00. Time left:2d 15h 34m. 4L60E Transmission Heavy Duty HEG Master Kit Stage 2 2004-UP. $159.99. Time left:2d 15h 36m 350C-1&2 (Lockup 350) TH350C 1980-86. Holds 1 st and 2ND at any RPM. Backshifts at your command. Dual feed fixes 3 rd burnup. INSTALLATION VIDEO General Motors Stick Shift Kits 4L60E-S. Cancels all automatic shifts - puts the driver in control of all shifts by moving the shift lever

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  1. GM 4L60E / 4L65E. GM 4L80E / 4L85E. Ford 4R70W / AOD-E Bolts, and Fittings.) Compatible with all US Shift transmission controllers. This TPS kit is designed for Street Demon carburetors only and will not fit other Demon models. levels of shift firmness for the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts as well as a special overdrive shift calibration which.
  2. Every transmission is a custom build to order by the same technician. Gearstar 4L70E is engineered to take up to 650 HP and 650 Lb./Ft. TQ (over 650 calls for 4L80E) 300mm input shaft and heavy duty input drum. Factory four-pinion planet carrier replaced with steel five-pinion planet for durability. Center shell replaced with super heavy duty.
  3. GM 4L60E Transmission Powerpack Rebuild kit 1997-2003 Stage 2 With 3-4 Powerpack. 95% of all Orders Ship Same Business day all others Ship within 1 Business Day. IF YOUR TRANSMISSION HAS FAILED ISN'T IT TIME FOR AN IMPROVEMENT ? DEMAND SOMETHING ABOVE OE. Lifetime Warranty on Frictions in this kit. This Kit fit's ALL 1997-2003 4L60E
  4. Shift Kit from Superior ® This Shift Correction Package offers regular and heavy duty applications in one package. The Superior 4L60-E kit helps prevent premature wear of the forward sprag. Improves overall performance and shift quality. Converts lock-up to an on/off system to help stop the TCC slippage code. Fits 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L70E
  5. 4: stage 2 shift kit with any gear hold at any rpm 5: sonnax smart tech roller drive shell 6: 5 pinion planetary set 7: hardened shafts 8: billet pump rotor 9: sonnax six pinion front planetary 2.84 ratio i have over 10 years professional experience building transmissions. located at waterford west qld 4133 all transmissions are exchange
  6. Quick 2 is a simple control solution for your 4L60E, 4L80E, 4R70W, E4OD, or 4R100 transmission, making them work in a wide variety of vehicles, including ones not originally equipped with electronic control. It also allows customization of the transmission's behavior with user-friendly software

A VSS cannot generate a signal enough for a 1-2 shift, and then no higher. It's impossible. a trans will install a master kit that includes gaskets, seals, sealing rings, clutch plates, & steels. Also many 4l60e master kits contain a new 3-4 piston.In addition; new filter, band, low roller clutch, forward sprag, needed bushings or all. I had a shift kit and other stuff done at once, and my 1-2 is horribly harsh. I have to be hammering the pedal for it to be anywhere near smooth. It this common with this shift kit and others setup: 4L60E 4L65E 1996-2006 1870 P1870 Code Buster Combo Kit Corvette Servo Kit Book by CT Powertrai Do you use the same procedure when tuning 4l60e's with shift kits and can it be used on 4l80e's as well? 1999 corvette FRC - LS2, Tick tq max stage 3 cam, AI 232cc 243's, FAST 102 intake, NW 102 TB, 1 7/8 headers, X pipe, Borla ATAK, McLeod Rxt, MGW shifter, Halltech Killer Bee intake, 4.10s. 02-27-2017 #18. Russ K

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  1. 10th Gen Civic Stage 2 Shift Kit (for non-FK8's) This kit is designed to turn the 10th Gen Civic's OEM shifter into a finely tuned piece of machinery. The short throw adapter and rocker upgrade help to reduce both gear throw (foward/back motion) and gate spacing (left/right motion) while stiffening up gear engagement and lateral feel. The shift.
  2. The LT1 B-bodies all came with this servo, so it shouldn't be an issue for most, but many 4L60E's, including trucks, did not. 1-2 and 2-3 shift quality will never be right without the 093 servo. Adding washers in the 2nd accumulator only results in harsh tire-chirping shifts at low/medium throttle, perfect for the boy-racer image
  3. I finished installing this trany last week, it's a 4l60e performance one with a transgo shift kit and a boost 500 valve, 2500rpm stall tc. The truck is absolutely stock with the black box untouched. The only diff, is I installed 265/75-16 tires instead of the original 245/75-16
  4. Adjust 1-2 shift firmness without removing VB. For Hot Rods use kit # RT-4L60E-HD Kit gives great performance at low cost. Boost pressure and shift firmness. Adjust 1-2 shift firmness without removing VB. Includes Pan and Valve Body Gaskets. NEW PRODUCTS A better way of shifting gears. SM Valve Body Kits Fix Code 1870 Fas
  5. Bmr street/strip stage 2. 700r4/4l60e/4l65e. 550HP/550 TORQUE. Transmission,Core, and free Shipping. $1,495.00 . 3 yr parts & labor unlimited mileage warrant
  6. Hi! I installed the shift kit into the valve body along with sonnax billet pinless pistons. I skipped the 2nd servo section for now because I wasn't sure if I can get to it without pulling the transmission. Originally I had a very hard 1-2 shift and dirty fluid. Now I have everything back together but it wont shift past 2nd
  7. seller: shift_right ️ (495) 100%, location: windsornew south wales, ships to: free local pickup, item: 183460684640 vt vx vy vz ls1 ls2 stage 2 4l60e full rebuilt automatic transmission auto. please note; this transmission is sold as a exchange unit a $500 deposit on top of sale & will be required and returned when you supply your unit for sale is a 4l60e transmission to.

The 4L60E is rated to handle up to 360 ft·lbf (488 N·m) of torque. The 4L60E family of transmissions use 2 shift solenoids, initially called Shift Solenoid A & Shift Solenoid B, later changed to comply with OBDII regulations to 1-2 Shift Solenoid & 2-3 Shift solenoid Best 4l60e shift kit. Trucks a 99 Silverado 2wd extended cab 4.8 4l60e. Im looking into shift kits and from what i read the transgo hd2 is the way to go but i really dont want to pull the transmission to put the upgrade parts in the pump. That beeing said what does the hd2 kit have that the basic doesnt and if i got the hd2 kit and didnt do the. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. Built to Perform. Built for performance: the McLeod by Raybestos Powertrain 4L60E performance transmission rebuild kit utilizes Stage-1 red friction clutch plate material to deliver the competitive power and performance you need on the street, on the track and off-road. Premium Clutches In general, an overhaul kit refers to the bag kit that contains the gaskets, seals and rings to correctly seal a transmission. A rebuild kit usually contains additional soft parts like clutch friction plates and steel plates. Does a Transtar 4l60e rebuild kit include the parts for a pump Transgo Shift Kit SK 4L60E 4L65E TRANSGO SHIFT KIT® 1993 -2010 (SK4L60E)*. Brand New. C $40.45. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $16.03 shipping estimate. 1,439 sold

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- This is a brand new Stage 5 transmission rebuild kit for 2004-Up 4L60e and 4L65e transmissions. This kit addresses many issues with the 4L60e including the weak 3-4 clutch pack. 90% of failed 4L60's are due to a fried 3-4 drum. The A-Pack included in this kit is made by Alto, and provides much needed strength in that drum The 4L60E transmission weighs 146 pounds dry, and 162 wet. It requires 8.4 quarts (9.64″ torque converter) or 11.4 quarts (11.81″ torque converter) of transmission fluid, Top 30 Common 4L60E Transmission Problems and Repair. Below is a list of common transmission problems with the GM 4L60E Transmission and possible solutions to repair Finding the best 4L60E rebuild kit is certainly going to be application dependent. You really only need as much kit as you have power. Otherwise, you're just overpaying. We'll help you pick the best 4L60E Rebuild kit for the money and your vehicle. When selecting a kit, most manufacturers will have a phone number to call and verify that the. 35935 4L60E 4L65E Transmission shift kit 1993-2007. 4L60E 4L65E Transmission shift kit Transgo SK 4L60E Corrects, prevents or reduces erratic pump slide bounce that wears out the pump and valves, no lockup, no 4th gear, code 1870, cutloose or bang from reverse to drive, forward and reverse clutch failure, 1-2 bump shift, delayed reverse

Red Eagle Clutches w/Kolene Steel (Rest of trans) Transgo HD2 Trans Kit (Holding gear regardless rpm) New Overdimension Oneway Clutches (Sprag) NOTE! Converter not included. Case price will be added. Price quotes: With reservation for price changes. TH 700R4 - 4L60E - 4L65E Stage II 500Hp+ = 29.876 SEK (€ 2.929 Each Basic Kit comes with the correct components for your application and will include the following parts: Automatic Transmission - A41 (GM 4L60E / GM 4L65E Aftermarket replacement) COMPUSHIFT Sport Controller; Dipstick and Tube - OEM Style; Auxiliary Oil Cooler - High performance for Stage 2 and 3 only, Optional purchase for Stage 1 kits. Symptoms Of Bad 4l60e Shift Solenoids. When assessing a shift solenoid issue, there can be a number of things to consider. While 4l60e shift solenoids do go bad, it's not a common occurrence. Common issues that may cause you to believe the 1-2 or 2-3 shift solenoids are failing are a bad accumulator, stuck shift valve, just to name a few I would recommend a Performabuit Stage 2 4L60E. It is rated at 700rwhp. So far mine has been a good one. I wasted 2 rebuids on my stock 4L60E and I couldn't ever get it to shift right. And I had it rebuilt with the extra wide bands,Raybestos Zpack race clutchs, and the good Transgo shift kits and it NEVER performed correctly

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4L60E Transmission Only Shifts Manually. If the transmission only shifts manually (and therefore doesn't shift automatically ), there is probably a problem in either the PCM or one of the related sensors sending information to the PCM. This could be the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or the TPS (throttle position sensor) Featuring several advanced design benefits, the high-quality Performance Automatic Close Ratio Power Planet kit PA70418 changes the 1st & 2nd gear ratios of GM 700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E transmissions from a wide ratio 3.06/1.63 to a close ratio 2.84/1.55 configuration delivering better performance and consistency in racing applications In this article, a fully built 4L80e from Finish Line Transmissions will be installed in place of the 4L60e. This 80e has been proven in 1000HP+ vehicles. Some of the highlights this transmission includes are the following: 300M billet input shaft ; 300M billet main shaft; Seal & gasket kit ; Hi-energy clutche

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4L60E Shift Solenoid Symptoms. Here are the main symptoms of a bad 4L60E shift solenoid. Failure to Downshift- The 4L60E will often fail to downshift if one or more of the shift solenoids are stuck open or closed. This is due to the fact that the transmission fluid cannot be rerouted to the part of the transmission that would be making the. GM 4L80E Kits and Parts. Welcome to our 4L80E Kits and Parts page. Here you'll find kits and other items needed for your project. NOTE: Even though 4L80E sounds very similar to 4L60E, the transmissions are not the same internally or externally GMC Master. 354 Answers. Re: gm 4l60e 2-3 shift flares. Just a rough explanation. First gear is the low clutch engaged by power to the 1-2 and 2-3 solenoids, second gear applies a band by power to The 1-2 solenoid turned off. Third gear, however, both solenoids have no power. If you are showing power to any solenoids, there is an electrical issue All EXtreme Automatics™ TH200-4Rs include: Pump: The EA™ Super Pump™ is the heart of the 2004R build. The EA™ Super Pump™ is the heart of the 2004R/700R4/4L60E build. We first start by parallel decking the pump halves to a perfect 90° center line of Stator. We Machine lap to a fine finish and maximum of .001 Slide Clearance

The 350 1&2 kit is covered here. It is very easy to install and can be calibrated for a wide variety of applications. The TransGo TH350 shift kit comes with instructions; they are very basic and straightforward Unlike other shift kits for the TH350 transmission, you are not going to be leaving out any accumulator springs, drilling holes in the. The 700R4 got such a bad name for shifting problems that the name, not the transmission itself, got changed. The 4L60E with computer-controlled shifting eliminated the TV cable and substituted a computer program to control the shift points. The murder victim was drowned in a bathtub full of Rice Krispies and milk The 4L60E is the latest in a long line of durable, high-function GM overdrive automatics that have come our way since the 1960s. The TH350 three-speed automatic had long been a mainstay with Chevy. Add To Cart. Sonnax Smart Sun Shell 77749-02K For TH700-R4, 4L60E, 4L65E & 4L70E. $98.80. Add To Cart. High Performance 10 PACK Corvette Servo 700R4 4L60 4L60E E Camaro Transgo 4L65E. $164.99. Add To Cart. High Performance 5 PACK Corvette Servo 700R4 4L60 4L60E E Camaro Transgo 4L65E. $84.95

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These GM kits comes with the necessary hardware to directly bolt the transmission to the Gen 1 and 2. We offer either 6L80E and 6L90E (additional core fee) transmissions kits. This kit includes a modified converter that will bolt directly to the existing engine and flexplate. The TCM2650 requires a throttle position signal and and engine RPM in. 650+ (to 900 w/Options) Pro Competition GM Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 1. Pro Competition GM Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 1. 800+ (to 1000 w/Options) 650+ (to 900 w/Options) Pro Ultra Competition Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 2. Pro Ultra Competition Turbo 400 w/TB - Stage 2 chevy 700r4 and 4L60e transmission w/ shift kit and warranty 4L65e $550 (garland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $650. favorite this post Jun 7 Chevy 4L60 4L60e transmission Chevrolet $650 (garland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. favorite this post Jun 2 Your Cost $26.56. You save $10.50! 23933 A4LD Transmission Shift kit Valve Body Kit. A4LD Transmission Valve Body Shift Kit. Corrects, prevents or reduces direct clutch failure, soft 1-2 shift, soft lockup, 2-3 cutloose, delayed or harsh reverse, no 4th gear, 1-3 up shift at light throttle, delayed lockup release The 4L80e is much larger and heavier than the 4L60E. The 4L60E has a weight of 150 lbs without fluid and a length of 23.5″, while the 4L80e has a weight of 236 lbs and a length of 26.4″. Just with these numbers, you can probably calculate that there is a big difference in size and weight between these transmissions. 2

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Lokar's Column Cable Shift Kit allows you to use our shift indicator kits. It can also be used in conjunction with our Back-Up Light or Neutral Safety Switch Kit (BL-1400U) for most GM transmissions. Available in black housing, designed with specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable, and stainless inner wire measuring 6 feet in. SK 125 SK 2 SK 200 Transgo 4L60E 3 4L65E Shift Kit Stage 3 Transmission Full April 11th, 2019 - TRANSGO 4L60E 3 4L65E Shift Kit Stage 3 Transmission Full Manual GM 4L70E 4L75E 399 56 Transgo Performance Part Number 4L60E 3 Full Manual Shift Kit 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L75E 1993 2007 except hybrid Perfect fo If you have the 4L60e all of the above is still applicable except for the T/V cable, the TCU/PCM sees the throttle from the TPS mounted to the throttle body and shifts the tranny electronically. If it is going from 1-2 with a governor shift you will need to check the 1-2 shift solenoid an the internal/external wiring issue

TRANSGO 350-3 MANUAL VALVE BODY SHIFT KIT STICK SHIFTCOMPUSHIFT Mini Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit GM 700R4 / GMGM 1996-2002 4L60E Transmission Solenoid Kit Master EpcStage 3 race prepped 4L60E like new, TCI 3500 Stall, TransTH350 Rebuild Kit | eBay